Although Stadia has had an intriguing year, it is now obvious that Google will place a higher priority on other projects in the future. Immersive Stream for Games is Google’s strategy for the future of gaming, if the last few weeks provide any indication.

On 9to5Google, we compile some of the Stadia news that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to discuss in our weekly series called Stadia Changelog. A summary of the new games that were added to Stadia during the week, a list of games that received upgrades and fixes, a list of new games that have been confirmed or are rumored to be coming to the platform, and more are included. Check out Bandwidth, our weekly examination of the remainder of the cloud gaming industry, which includes GeForce Now, Luna, and more, every Friday when you return.

GAME UPDATES ON STADA There were no new games added to Google Stadia during the week of June 6. The High Isle release for Elder Scrolls Online has been the sole noteworthy release.

Greetings from High Isle, a region of Tamriel that has never been depicted in the Elder Scrolls. Confront the destructive forces of the Ascendant Lord as you explore Bretons picturesque ocean retreat and center of chivalric tradition.

Over the course of this calendar year’s first six months, Google has launched 28 new games to Stadia. Google added 107 new games to the Stadia library in 2021, and by 2022, the company promised at least 100 more, which is a lofty goal at the current pace.

The promise of 100 new games has notably stopped appearing in Google’s most recent community updates and blog articles; the last time it did so was in March.

COMING GAMES TO STADA No new Stadia games were officially announced this week, although there were some indications. People from StadiaSource noticed Saints Row crossing via ERSB and arriving at Stadia. The game, which is scheduled to debut on August 23, has not yet made any official announcements regarding Stadia support. only slated is instead available on Xbox, PS4/PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

UPDATES Google prioritizes Immersive Stream for Games.
The only substantial Google Stadia announcement this week had nothing to do with Stadia at all.

This week, Capcom and Google announced a collaboration that will see the game developer offer a free preview of Resident Evil: Village via Immersive Stream for Games. The same technology that enables Google Stadia’s cloud gaming also powers this autonomous experience, which other brands and studios may tailor to their specific requirements. Control is made available to AT


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