The Google Doodle for today celebrates Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month by paying tribute to Stacey Park Milbern, a leader in the disability justice movement.

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month is celebrated in the US throughout the month of May and is meant to recognize the historical achievements made by people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Stacey Park Milbern is the best recent illustration of the influence that one individual can have.

Muscular dystrophy was found in Stacey Park Milbern, who was born on May 19, 1987, in Seoul, South Korea. Milbern did not object to receiving assistance from caretakers throughout her life, according to the New York Times , and she did not view her differences and limitations as obstacles to overcome.

Disabled persons frequently have the answers that society needs.
In an interview with KQED is Stacey Park Milbern.

As Milbern acknowledged in an interview with The Atlantic , growing up in a conservative family in North Carolina presented its own set of difficulties, particularly for someone who identified as LGBT. Instead, she decided to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area since she was aware that it was both one of the most accessible locations in the nation and a center for disability activism.

The disabilities justice movement, which aims to include voices from a wider diversity of races, genders, and sexual orientations in discussions of disability, particularly piqued Milbern’s interest.

Stacey Park Milbern, who had relocated to California in 2011, started working in human resources at a bank and immediately set out to join the campaign for justice for people with disabilities. After being named by President Obama to the Presidents Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities in 2014, Milbern rose fast to the top of the organization.

Stacey Park Milbern was one of the many people who opposed planned legislation in 2017 that would have repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act and significantly reduced funding for people with disabilities, including attendant care. Speaking from her personal life experiences, Milbern explained how she could only leave for work each day with an attendant.

Then, in 2020, as COVID-19 instances increased throughout the country and in the Bay Area, Milbern and her friends realized how urgent it was to assist individuals who were homeless in staying safe. Together, they established the Disability Justice Culture Club, which produced kits to be distributed in Oakland that contained essential items like masks and hand sanitizer.

Milbern was also coping with a medical difficulty as she awaited the surgical excision of kidney cancer, which was made much more challenging by COVID-19. On May 19, 2020, Stacey Park Milbern’s 33rd birthday, she tragically passed away from complications from her kidney operation.

The Google Doodle honoring Stacey Park Milbern was commissioned from Art Twink and has a brilliantly vibrant color scheme with themes drawn from Milbern’s activism and life.

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