Material Google has given all of its first-party apps themed icons since You became a thing more than a year ago. These simple app icons adjust their hue to match the phone’s color scheme. According to Android Police , Spotify now has a new themed icon.

One drawback of Android 12/13’s themed icons is that not all of them adhere to the material You design language. As previously mentioned, Google has updated their icon set; however, it is now time for third-party apps to do the same.

There are currently only a few programs that make use of customized icons. For instance, just to name a few, there are Reddit, LinkedIn, Bundled Notes, VLC, WhatsApp, and Pocket Casts. However, many well-known applications still lack updated icons. This can result in a home screen that is quite unique.

Advertisement THE NEXT APP WITH A THEMED ICON IS SPOTIFY. Fortunately, if you use Spotify, you’ll be happy to find that it offers a themed icon. You must make sure that the app is completely updated if you wish to see this. Keep your finger depressed on the Spotify app while on the home screen. The App Info button (the! in a circle) must be tapped. Tap on App Details on the next page that appears.

Your destination will be the Spotify Play Store page. The green Update button should be visible at the top. The app will instantly update when you tap on it. You ought to notice the Spotify-themed icon after the update has been installed.

HOW TO USE THEMED ICONS Here is a recap if you don’t know what the heck we’re talking about when we mention themed icons. Your Android 13 phone’s color scheme will change to match your wallpaper after you use the Dynamic Color function.

Advertisement In any case, your app icons can do the same and adjust their color to match your wallpaper. Hold your finger down on an empty area of your home screen to see how this functions. After that, click the Wallpaper and Style button on the pop-up menu.

There, hit the Themed Icons switch after completely scrolling to the bottom. The icons will then adjust to the new color scheme. This is how Pixel phones operate; other manufactures’ phones operate differently.


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