A number of new features are being added by Spotify to Soundtrap, its online music studio. Live collaboration is now supported on the DAW (digital audio workstation) platform, enabling artists to work in real time with their far-flung peers. Additionally, the platform will have commenting and auto-save functions.

The beta version of live collaboration on Soundtrap needs users to voluntarily opt-in. Once enabled, two or more artists can collaborate in real time while working remotely on the same project. You can get your friends to offer their insightful advice when you are creating new music or a podcast. Any project modifications will take effect instantly for everyone. Of course, before they can collaborate with you, your friends will also need to manually enable the live collaboration option.

Artists no longer need to bother manually saving modifications made by any team member thanks to auto-save. On Soundtrap, this feature has been long delayed. Spotify is thankfully now including it. However, auto-save is also a beta feature that may be selected. So, until modifications start storing automatically, you will need to manually enable it. Both of these capabilities, according to the industry leader in music streaming, will be made available on the stable channel later this year.

Meanwhile, anyone can now leave an advertisement comment. Artists can now leave instructions for distant collaborators on various sections of the track. The new Soundtrap capabilities, first reported by TechCrunch , work in a manner akin to Google Docs comments.

SOUNDTRAP RECEIVES A MUCH-NEEDED BOOST FROM SPOTIFY Soundtrap was purchased by Spotify in November 2017. Since then, the business has upgraded the DAW platform with a number of features. A cloud-based podcast studio called Soundtrap for Storytellers was added to the platform in May 2019. In October 2020, it was followed by collaborative voice notes for songwriters. In the online platform game Roblox, Spotify also introduced a musical playbox powered by Soundtrap earlier this year.

One of the best DAWs available now is Soundtrap thanks to all these capabilities. However, it didn’t yet have some of the features that some of its rivals did. For instance, Soundation has offered a live online collaboration capability since April 2020, when virtually everything was taking place online. Soundtrap from Spotify is now officially participating.

Advertisement While Soundtrap and Soundation both start at $10 per month, the former costs $8 per month if billed annually, while the latter only costs $5 per month. The former’s base plan allows for an unlimited number of projects, whereas Soundation only allows for ten. You’ll need to upgrade to the $15/month plan (or $10/month if paid annually) if you want more.


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