The Destiny Master Card is ideal for you if your credit is less than ideal. However, utilizing this credit card has advantages as well as disadvantages. Here, we have a review of the Destiny Mastercard so that you can decide whether it is a decent card or not.

Pre-qualification is available from Destiny Mastercard in less than a minute, and all transaction data is reported to the three main credit agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). It is an unsecured credit card with a $59–$99 annual fee and a set APR of 24.90 percent.

We will discuss the Destiny Mastercard’s best qualities, negative aspects, and advantages in this evaluation. In addition to that, we have also contrasted this card with other protected cards.

You should read the entire article to learn more about the Destiny MasterCard because we are unable to provide all the information here.

Review of the Destiny MasterCard credit card Having a Destiny MasterCard has many advantages because it offers zero liability protection and identity theft protection. There are disadvantages just as there are advantages. Let’s proceed step by step in order to have the entire understanding.

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Destiny Credit Card Reviews 2022 | The Positives and the Negatives

Destiny Mastercard Credit Card Review | Features | Drawbacks | Comparison

DESIRE MASTERCARD’S BEST FEATURES The credit card has a significant edge over other cards that they might not. The Destiny MasterCard can be obtained without having a strong credit score. This card is also available to applicants with poor credit.

You can use this MasterCard’s features without making a security deposit. It will also function if your credit score is less than ideal. If you maintain a steady balance on your account, your credit history will automatically improve. Whether you qualify for this card or not can be determined in less than a minute. All three of the major credit bureaus will receive copies of your reports. There is no monthly maintenance charge. There is also no charge for the initial application. Low interest rates are available on purchases and balance transfers with the Destiny Mastercard. You will, however, need to pay an annual charge of $59 to $99. The initial credit limit on this card is $300, and the first monthly statement will include an annual fee.

MASTERCARD DRAWBACKS OF DESTINY The Destiny MasterCard’s hefty yearly charge and annual percentage rate are by far its worst flaws.

A reward system is not included with this credit card, except from that. This implies that unlike with other credit cards, you won’t be able to receive incentives.

The 1 percent foreign transaction fee for the Destiny Mastercard indicates how much money would be paid for transactions made outside of the United States.

Although there is a $40 over-limit cost, you can choose to get over-limit coverage. With a $300 spending cap on this card, going over that amount will result in a $40 over-limit fee. Poor credit may arise from this.

The fixed APR for the Destiny Mastercard is 24.90 percent, which is higher than the average for credit cards in the US.

CONTRAST TO OTHER SECURED CARDS Benefits: The Destiny MasterCard offers zero liability protection as well as identity theft protection. Other credit cards, such as the Platinum Prestige MasterCard, however, also offer purchase protection and extended warranty coverage.

Annual fee: When compared to other credit cards, the Destiny Mastercard has a high annual fee of $59–$99. Other credit cards also charge an annual fee, however the majority of them waive it the first year.



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