is just one of a number of intriguing apps in the Google Play Store. Even though this software is quite straightforward, it can be helpful. At least for us, it does its one task exceptionally well.

You can expedite the call answering process by using the “RAISE TO ANSWER” app. You may essentially use this program to answer an incoming call without touching the physical buttons or tapping or swiping anything on the screen itself. All you need to do is hold your device up to your ear.

This program can tell if your phone is ringing and if you put the gadget close to your ear. The procedure will then be sped up by having it merely take your phone call.

Advertisement Be aware that the app will beep five times before answering the call. This is done merely to allow you some time to decide against accepting the incoming call. However, you may turn this off.

The app’s creator underlines that it is free of advertisements and does not take the place of your incoming call screen. Additionally, it shouldn’t in any manner use up the battery or request needless permissions.

APPLICATION IS AN OPEN SOURCE Additionally, this program is open source. GitHub has the source code available. That is advantageous since its code may be checked for security, of course.

Advertisement You may easily disable this program from its settings if you don’t want to use it, as seen in the screenshots supplied below. You also have the choice to reject the call by setting your phone down on the display, among other alternatives.

You basically need to know only that. The app is really user-friendly and practical. The official screenshots are provided below, and you can download the app by clicking the link or button.


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