There are many talented producers on YouTube, but some of the most well-known names on the platform frequently have comment spam where users pretend to be the creator in order to defraud people. Finally, YouTube is taking action in this regard now.

Today, YouTube explained to The Verge three new rules it will implement to combat comment spam from accounts that spoof authors.

The first of these new regulations prohibits YouTube channels from hiding their subscriber statistics from the public. This aims to make it clearer whether someone has just clicked on a scammer’s account because they certainly wouldn’t have the same number of subscribers as a well-known creator.

Additionally, YouTube is placing restrictions on the kinds of characters that may appear in channel names as well as how frequently those characters may do so.

The creators can increase strictness on comments that are being held for manual review is a new comment moderation setting that YouTube is expanding. The number of spam comments that get past YouTube’s filters should go down as a result of this, but The Verge notes that it may also lead to an increase in false positives.

This tool is being expanded to more creators

Even though today’s actions are appreciated and may have an effect, they are unquestionably not very pro-active.

Since quite some time, comment spam on YouTube has been a huge issue, and it has gotten to the point where some important figures on the platform have spoken out against the practice. That includes Marques Brownlee of MKBHD in the tech industry, who urged YouTube to address the back in April issue. The same issue was brought up by Linus Tech Tips a few months earlier, along with a mention of a third-party application that made it simpler for creators to remove comment spam.

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