First, the warning: in 2023, an X-Bow will be street-legal in the United States. Hardened motorheads will undoubtedly view the X-Bow GT-safety XR’s concessions, such as turn lights and a roof, as nanny-state foolishness because they are based on KTM’s successful GT2-class racer. The diehards will have to be pleased with the 600 horsepower turbocharged Audi inline-five that KTM is using to more than double the original’s output and counteract any weight gain. The current GT-XR prototype accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds and tops out at 174 mph (via KTM ).

What prevented the stock X-Bow from entering American roads since its introduction in 2008? Be sincere. The structure arrived without a roof. Even Top Gear mocked the KTM for its complete lack of creature amenities and user-friendly design, ranking it among the worst sports cars of 2008. The likelihood of an NHTSA ban was so great that KTM never even attempted to make the X-Bow street legal; in the US, the X-Bow has always been offered only as a track toy. By 2023, the GT-XR will be ready to end that run and make an X-Bow official on American pavement.


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