The most recent Android 12.1 version is supported by all of your apps thanks to a new version of Windows Subsystem for Android that Microsoft is currently evaluating.

The Windows Subsystem for Android, which was first introduced earlier this year, enables you to access many of the same Android apps you already know and love on your Windows 11 PC, however there are some minimum system requirements. The experience and library, it must be said, aren’t quite the same as what you’ll have on your phone or Chromebook because, by default, you download Android apps through the Amazon Appstore rather than the Google Play Store. However, overall, it’s a fascinating new option for PC customers.

Microsoft has outlined the future of Windows Subsystem for Android in a new blog post , starting with an upgrade that is currently accessible to Windows Insiders who are members of the Dev Channel. The most notable change in this update is that Windows 11 will now run apps using Android 12.1; however, there may be some negative effects as some apps may no longer be compatible.

Other enhancements to Android networking include enhanced keyboard and mouse compatibility, some much-needed bug fixes for camera functionality, and the ability to connect to local devices like Chromecast-enabled speakers. Additionally, the Android Settings app has been totally redone, and Windows 11 has been integrated even more.

While Google’s Chrome OS continues to run its mobile apps on Android 11, the switch to Android 12.1 puts Windows 11 firmly in the lead of Android desktop support. Microsoft’s impending Android 12.1 update, also known as Android 12L, may be designed to benefit from Google’s efforts to enhance the user experience for large-screen devices, which a Windows PC would unquestionably qualify as.

Microsoft is now only making the upgrade available to testers in order to gather feedback before making Android 12.1 available on more Windows 11 PCs. You can sign up for the Windows Insider program and test the upgrade on your own device if you’re feeling bold enough to use beta software.

ENTIRE CHANGELOG Android 12.1 has been updated for Windows Subsystem for Android. The default setting for later x64 Windows builds is advanced networking. Updated Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app: new diagnostics data viewer and revamped user interface Windows Subsystem for Android now supports Simpler CPU profiler recording, and the Windows taskbar now displays information about which Android applications are using the microphone and location improvements to the way Windows notifications show in Android apps When apps are restored from the minimized state, there is less flicker. On newer Windows releases, apps are not restarted when devices exit connected standby. Decoding new video hardware (VP8 and VP9) Apps’ on-screen keyboard has been fixed fixes for Windows taskbar auto-hiding and Android apps running in full screen Chromium WebView 100 has been upgraded for the Windows Subsystem for Android. In addition to GpsLocationProvider, support for Android NetworkLocationProvider has been added. enhanced dependability, performance, and overall stability FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.

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