Back at the end of August, it was disclosed that Sony has changed the PS5 once more to reduce weight. It now appears that some of that weight loss is attributable to a smaller motherboard, which enables the console to operate more efficiently. Austin Evans, a YouTube content maker, claims (via The Verge ) that the most recent PS5 revision uses less power and has better cooling capabilities than the first revision and the original PS5, which debuted in 2020.

In addition, Sony has reduced its heatsink size even further since the initial revision. On the console’s back, a new heat pipe has also been added. However, unless you look inside the PS5’s internals like Evans did, you wouldn’t see it.

IS THE NEW PS5’S LOWER POWER USE SEEN BY OWNERS? There’s little doubt that the PS5 consuming less power is a good thing. However, it begs the question of whether users of this updated version will even be aware. Most likely not, unless this ended up being the only thing you did to reduce all of the energy use inside your home. But little things like this do pile up. This could be a huge advantage if you already take steps to use less energy. If you don’t already have a PS5, of course.

Advertisement In essence, we wouldn’t run out and buy one of these brand-new ones. Since buying one only to replace it isn’t particularly cost-effective. However, Sony is now providing less power-hungry PS5s if you have the resources and desire one.

Not much else has changed outside the decreased power usage, lighter weight, and smaller heatsink and motherboard. Some of the internal pieces have been moved by Sony to accommodate the new parts. That’s all, though. The new PS5 doesn’t appear to give significantly better performance. Significant changes are also scarce.

Overall, it appears that Sony is only tweaking the platform to make it more like what it may have preferred it to be at launch.

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