Although Sony isn’t the first name that comes to mind when discussing mobile games, the corporation has already brought some of its PlayStation IP to Android and iOS. Sony announced far more expansive intentions for mobile this week.

Sony announced aims to increase its market share in gaming beyond simply PlayStation systems during its annual investor day (via Video Game Chronicles ). Sony hopes that by 2025, about 50% of its new releases will be available for PC and mobile platforms.

The PC adaptations of Sony’s games have been a big success, with sales of Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Days Gone expected to reach about $80 million in 2021. Sony projects that this year’s revenue from PC games could reach $300 million. Sony increased its focus on this objective last July by incorporating a PC porting developer into its PlayStation Studios.

But Sony appears to have great intentions for the mobile market. The business predicts that by 2025, mobile games for Android and iOS will account for 20% of all new PlayStation IP-based original releases. Sony already has a God of War spinoff, a Sackboy runner, and a few more applications. Nicola Sebastiani, a previous head on Apple Arcade and the first of several hires related mobile development, would presumably be in charge of leading these initiatives.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan stated in an interview with Video Game Chronicles that these expansions to PC and mobile would increase PlayStation’s gaming efforts from a very specific niche to being present pretty much everywhere.

How could these brand-new mobile games look? According to Sony, plans for PlayStation Studios mobile game releases may include both the establishment of its own studios and joint development of games with already-established mobile game developers. The latter would take a similar path to Nintendo, which released a number of mobile games directly on Android and iOS. Sony stated that it would port certain famous PlayStation IP to mobile devices in 2021, but nothing significant has yet resulted from that declaration. While the Sackboy game debuted in 2015, Sony’s God of War game was launched in 2018.

Whether Sony intends to extend its cloud gaming efforts to mobile devices is unknown at this time. Xbox, PlayStation’s primary rival, has been providing complete console titles to mobile gamers through Xbox Game Pass for almost two years at this point. Although Sony does have its own cloud gaming platform, formerly known as PlayStation Now, mobile gamers have never had access to it. Since a few years ago, the only gaming options have been local network streaming from a console.

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