All of the Sonic enthusiasts are crossing their fingers for the newest Blue Blur game. Since last year, we have been anticipating how this will work. Now that we know when Sonic Frontiers will be released, the wait should be ended, as SEGA recently posted a clip announcing the date: November 8.

Let’s get this out of the way right away: Sonic has had a bad run of games for so many years. SEGA employees, on the other hand, aren’t giving up on Sonic and are currently working on developing a game to help him get back on his feet. We saw a little preview of him in a weird, supposedly ancient environment last year.

SEGA collaborated with IGN over the course of the year to showcase game trailers and some gameplay. This is the reason you may have recently heard the phrase “Sonic Breath of The Wild.” The game gives Sonic a new twist that hasn’t been seen in more than 20 years—it has an open environment. Early gameplay was mostly focused on displaying the new open world that Sonics were free to explore.

Advertisement Along with the new setting, the early gameplay demonstrated various new Sonic-specific skills and attacks. He is shown making several attacks, including what appear to be energy blasts.

The launch date and a new villain are revealed in the Sonic Frontiers trailer. The new Sonic Frontiers trailer gives us a look at some intriguing game elements. The lovely little stone creature at the game’s opening is just one example of a potential future character. In addition, we discover who might be the game’s main antagonist. We won’t be able to be certain till the game is released.

Additionally, we witness some gameplay from the closed-world mode. About a fourth of the way through the trailer, Sonic can be seen tearing across some straight courses that are typical of 3D Sonic games. Even the recognizable checkerboard stone from all Greenhill Zone stages can be seen in one image. That seems to clash with the game’s overall bleak theme, though.

Advertisement That stage might occur before the incident it sends Sonic to the foreign land, but that is just conjecture. Before things really start to blow up, perhaps folks will play the tutorial stage.

Overall, Sonic Frontiers seems to be SEGA’s attempt to rewrite history. With this game, we’re seeing a lot of new things that we haven’t seen before, and that excites a lot of us. There isn’t much more time to wait because the game won’t be out for a few more months. When it debuts, it will be available on the Xbox Series S/X, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.


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