Google Contacts, the company’s de facto tool for storing phone numbers and emails, is getting an update that includes new chip-style filters for sorting contacts. That is based on recent reports after a number of users noticed the feature’s introduction.

This is the program that Android uses by default to store contacts, just to be clear. Additionally, chips are squared-oval UI components that, when tapped, filter those contacts in this scenario. Since they were already included in Gmail and other Google programs, chips themselves are nothing new. However, it’s unusual for them to display in Google Contacts.

WHAT DO GOOGLE CONTACTS’ NEW CHIP-STYLE FILTERS DO? The chip filters operate somewhat differently in Google Contacts than they do in Gmail, though. And the reason for it may be the fact that Gmail itself already has a ton of filtering options available on both mobile and the web.

Advertisement The UI for contacts includes options like filtering by phone number or email address. Additionally, they offer the opportunity to filter results by companies, as seen in the figure below. And since the image doesn’t show the entire strip of selections, there are probably more as well.

Presumably, the first two options will only display phone numbers or emails. Alternatively, it can display contacts who were added by phone or email. Most usually, the Companies option arranges connections according to the company they are connected to.

There might be further choices. It is unclear, however, if Google is displaying options based on a suggestions algorithm or if the options are intended to be available to all users.

Advertisement WHEN ARE THE NEW OPTIONS COMING? But as was already mentioned, not everyone will necessarily be able to take advantage of the adjustment. least of all, not yet. Google is only now beginning to test out this possible functionality more widely in small test groups. Or it can be one that is supposed to roll out gradually for everyone in order to watch out for bugs.

This modification is merely the most recent in a string of continuing improvements to Google apps in general, including Contacts.

Contact Filters chip style Google UI via AndroidPolice,

Contact Filters chip style google UI from AndroidPolice

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