Bob Iger, the former CEO of Disney, was the keynote speaker at the Voxs Code Conference this week in Beverly Hills, California, and was of course questioned about streaming. Netflix currently faces certain problems, but Iger believes they will persist as they work to improve.

Iger also highlighted Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV, claiming that they are both doomed to success. That is as a result of the fact that they do not serve as the main sources of revenue for those businesses. For instance, Apple gets most of its revenue from products like the iPhone. The majority of Amazon’s revenue comes from customers who purchase goods on their website. And nothing will alter that.

WHAT STREAMING SERVICES DO YOU THINK WON’T LAST? Iger did not specifically specify any of these, but he does think that some of these services won’t succeed. This includes Paramount, Peacock, and HBO MAX. After their parent firms combined this year, HBO MAX and Discovery are already working on integrating into a single app. Additionally, they want to reduce expenses. While Paramount reduces funding on content and Peacock struggles to gain premium subscribers.

Advertisement Iger emphasized that many businesses have already begun to bundle and combine their offerings in order to expand their library. Iger doesn’t think it’ll be enough, even though many analysts predict more consolidation in the streaming industry in the future. Iger noted at Code Conference that they have some difficult hands and that it takes a lot of capital to be in that company. I should add that I don’t believe they will all survive.

That is not unexpected. In no way. Given that there are currently so many streaming services to choose from and that most individuals only subscribe to four or five at most. It’s expected that businesses like ViacomCBS and Disney will start combining their several streaming platforms into one. similar to combining Paramount, BET, and Showtime into one app. Disney, Hulu, and ESPN are all combined into a single app. Although they are already bundled up, it might not be enough.


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