UPDATE: Overnight, Amazon released a patch that resolves the issue.

We are aware that certain users of Echo Show (2nd Gen) devices have recently had trouble pairing and operating smart home devices that use the Zigbee protocol. We’re deploying a remedy right now,” Amazon said in a statement.

The Reddit original says, “It’s currently operating again following a firmware upgrade!” A PCMag editor who was experiencing the identical issue reports that her machines are now operational again. The update should be distributed automatically, but if necessary, use here’s how to do it manually (Opens in a new window) .

Original Story: Some Zigbee-connected smart home products, including Philips Hue smart bulbs, are no longer functional as a result of a recent upgrade to the Amazon Echo Show.

Owners of Echo devices reported on Reddit starting on Saturday that Zigbee-linked smart lights and motion detectors that were connected to the Echo Show stopped working.

IKEA plugs and an Innr light are two of the smart devices I have connected to my Echo Show 2nd Generation. Yesterday, all of them displayed “Server is unresponsive” and failed to function,” one user remarked. “I can’t add any more plugs either,” the user said.

Another said, “I’m having the same same problem.” “At 2:30 AM on October 28, my second-generation Echo Show received an upgrade, and ever since, no ZigBee devices have worked. identical error and impossible to determine whether I delete them. The hub was probably broken by the update. Since they were only connected via the Echo, these gadgets are essentially non-functional at the moment.

Similar problems are been reported by Twitter users:
Tweet (Opens in a new window) Reboots and the tried-and-true on/off method don’t work to fix the issue.


On the Amazon forums responded (Opens in a new window) on Tuesday, a person going by the name of Jen C. claimed to work for Amazon, saying that the company’s “technical team is aware of customers having issues with the Echo controlling their Phillips-Hue lights…and are now working on a repair.”

She continued, “I will make sure to provide an update or more instructions on the forum as soon as they are available.”

Inquiring about the status of that remedy and the specific Echo Show models that are impacted, we contacted Amazon. When they get in touch with us, we’ll update this story.

The Echo Show Software version 680766720, which is not currently available on Amazon’s website (Opens in a new window) for Alexa device software updates, appears to be the root of the issue. For affected devices, it downloads automatically, and there doesn’t seem to be a method to undo it.

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