Recently, LG has been working on a tablet, metalenses, electronic vehicles, batteries, and the newest Galaxy foldables. So why shouldn’t it be effective as a method of shoe care? The LG announced Styler goods that will help you show off your shoes and keep them clean were introduced at IFA.

Since leaving the smartphone business last year, LG has increased productivity across a wide range of consumer and corporate products. It had the opportunity to showcase some of its recent work at IFA. The business introduced a television that can switch from flat to curved with the touch of a button. Check out that information here.

At IFA, LG revealed its stylist show care products. This one is for all of you shoe aficionados. The LG Styler ShoeCase and Styler ShoeCare items were presented. This is for folks who enjoy showing off their new shoes, starting with the Styler ShoeCase. You can store your shoes in the transparent display case.

Advertisement It serves as a display for your shoes as well as a place to store them. Your shoes will be seen from every aspect thanks to the case’s 360-degree revolving turntable. If you recently purchased a new pair of shoes, you will be able to proudly display them.

Although the panels are transparent, they have a coating made of a UV light-absorbing substance that lessens the amount of UV light that reaches the shoes. Over time, colors fade as a result of UV light.

LG presented the Styler ShoeCare as the next product. The purpose of this gadget is to assist keep your shoes fresh while also showcasing them. Truesteam is a technology developed by LG. The dryers made by the company utilise this. In this method, steam is used to remove dirt from clothes.

Advertisement The company is now using this technology to preserve the freshness of your shoes. To put it simply, shoes can become quite soiled and unpleasant to wear over time. This gadget will employ Trusteam technology to clean the shoes of filth and keep them from stinking.

There is no information yet regarding the cost and availability of these products, so we’ll keep a watch out for it.


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