Harrison Eidsgaard designed the Madsummer’s , an international yacht design firm, created the ship’s elegant appearance, and Laura Sessa Romboli created its nautically-inspired interior. Throughout the year, it is available for private charters, primarily in the Mediterranean in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter.

The 311-foot maritime marvel has lots of space everywhere. The Beckhams and their pals may dance the night away on the ship’s private dance floor, beach club, and indoor and outdoor eating facilities, according to the Daily Mail . On its several decks, there is room for exercising outside or tanning. While away, David amusingly uploaded a video to Instagram showing his wife sneaking in a lunge exercise while he sipped his morning coffee.

According to Moran Yacht and Ship , the luxurious interior of the ship has 10 suites and can hold up to 12 guests in addition to 28 staff members. On the main deck, there is a sizable 12-meter swimming pool as well as diving equipment. In case someone needs some downtime while sailing the high seas, it also has a sizable spa. Additionally, there is a sizable helipad on board that a helicopter can land on in case the Beckham family wants to go right quickly.


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