Despite being a beautifully refined mobile OS, iOS 16’s handling of three-finger swipes and taps makes some iOS games unplayable.

As 9To5Mac reports (Opens in a new window) noted, while many current apps and games continue to function without issue after iOS 16 is installed, some of them require three fingers for gaming. Notably, rhythm games like Arcaea (Opens in a new window) call for similar input, but if your device is running iOS 16, it will now display the undo/cut/copy/paste menu when you tap three fingers, or the undo and redo input when you swipe three fingers.

Tweet (Opens in a new window) This issue that Apple is having is not brand-new. Similar problems were present when iOS 13 was released in 2019, but Apple fixed them by preventing iOS from responding to three-finger motions while a full-screen app, like a game, was being used. However, iOS 16 didn’t include that line of reasoning, leaving unhappy gamers and impacted developers to wait patiently for Apple to notice the error and perhaps deliver a speedy patch.


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The good news is that the issue doesn’t just apply to video games. When using three fingers to pinch in the iOS Camera app or the keyboard in GarageBand, a system menu may occasionally be called. Why is that news good? Because Apple is considerably more likely to identify and address issues with its own software and apps than it is with games from third parties. The issue still exists as of right now in the most recent iOS 16.1 release.


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