TWO NEW PAIRS OF WIRELESS EARPHONES COULD BE RELEASED BY NOTHING. A fresh YouTube video released by Nothing itself stated that it was developing new earbuds. However, shared more details provided a clue regarding the impending goods. The aforementioned video may be found right now on Nothing’s YouTube account, and it is also embedded below.

The topic of this video, What’s after Phone (1), is clear from the title. However, it is not quite brief and is produced in the Nothings docuseries style. So, let us sum it up for you.

Advertisement The video is actually quite ambiguous and makes no definitive statements. However, it does give the impression that we are viewing the Nothing ear’s replacement (1). When discussing a device that is not an earpiece, Tom Howard, the head of design at Nothing, remarked: “Make a case and a product that was a little bit more sophisticated” (1).

Having said that, a tipster by the name of Mukul Sharma provided some further details. On not just one, but two pairs of headphones, he claims that Nothing is not working. The ear and stick (1) are those two pairings (2).

THE packaging for the Nothing Ear (1) Stick will resemble a stick. Why do they go by the name Stick? Those earphones are said to be packaged in a casing that looks like a stick. You can see the image of the earbuds that did in fact surface below this sentence.

Alt text for advertisement “Nothing ear 1 Stick picture leak 1”

On the other hand, the Nothing ear (2) are the ear’s immediate successors (1). So, we can anticipate a similar design aesthetic. They’ll probably be transparent, but certain design modifications are anticipated, making them possibly a little different.

The tipper also mentioned that the Nothing B155 and B157 wireless earphones were certified by SGS Fimko. Later also received certification in India. These goods therefore appear to be on the way.



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