The three most popular streaming services in the United States are Hulu, ESPN , and Disney . Hulu currently has 41.6 million paid subscribers globally, according to a recent discovery. However, you can always cancel your Hulu subscription if it no longer meets your needs for any XYZ reasons. How can your Hulu account be cancelled?

Since there is no cancellation cost, cancelling your subscription is not at all problematic. This article explains how to cancel your Hulu account on a variety of platforms, including PC, Android, and iOS. If you want to stop using Hulu and save money, follow this step-by-step approach. If not, just uninstall Hulu.

Before we begin, you should be aware that the Hulu app on your phone or tablet cannot be used to cancel a Hulu subscription. Only a browser can be used to cancel. The program must be loaded in a browser. As already mentioned:

How to Terminate Your Hulu Subscription on a Computer or a Phone How to cancel your subscription to Hulu Live TV. Best Alternatives to Hulu This cannot be done using the Hulu App. Therefore, you must log in to your computer or mobile browser.

For more information, see How to Cancel a Netflix Subscription on an Android, iOS Device, and a TV Browser.


Cancel Your Hulu Subscription; How To Cancel Your Hulu Subscription Using Mobile Phone or PC
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Here is a simple tutorial showing you step-by-step how to cancel your Hulu subscription from within a web browser.

On your computer or mobile device, launch any web browser. Visit the Hulu website. Once the Hulu website has been launched, you must log in with your username and password. Navigate to Manage Account from your home screen. The Cancel Your Subscription option can be found there if you scroll all the way to the bottom. *Remember that you can pause your subscription if you want to temporarily cancel it. With this choice, the billing is suspended for up to 12 weeks. After that, select Cancel Subscription. The Hit Pause option will be available in the pop-up window. From this point on, you can interrupt your membership for however long you like. If you’ve already made the decision to cancel your membership, click the Continue to Cancel link at the bottom of the same page. The app will then ask you why you want to cancel your subscription. Pick any of the justifications that flashed on the screen. At the bottom, click Cancel to continue. A retention page will once more show up on the screen. Using Hulu is explained in a video on this website. You must click the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the screen a third and final time. Grats, it’s finished! Read How to Terminate Your Amazon Prime Membership as well.


Cancel Your Hulu Subscription; How to Cancel Hulu Live TV Subscription
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You can watch a huge selection of sports, news, and TV series with Hulu Live TV, which also includes a cloud DVR so you never miss a thing.

However, you may do so in just a few easy steps if you wish to cancel your Hulu Live TV Subscription and switch to a different Hulu Plan.

First, launch a web browser. Go to and, if requested, log into your Hulu Account. You’ll arrive at your Hulu home page.

Step 2: Position the pointer in the top right corner of the page and click on your profile name. There will be a drop-down menu. After that, select Account. The screen will then display Manage your account.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Your Subscription Box on the Manage Your Account page. In Your Subscription Box, click Manage Plan. The screen will show all of the plans.

Step 4: You can change to any other Hulu plan from this window if you’d like.
Step 5: On the plans screen’s lower right corner, click Review Changes. The screen for subscription adjustments will now appear.
Step 6: Review your Hulu account changes before clicking submit at the bottom of the page.

At the conclusion of the monthly cycle that you have pre-paid through, Hulu live TV will be deleted from your account. And it will switch over immediately to the new Hulu package you’ve chosen.


Cancel Your Hulu Subscription; Best Hulu Alternatives
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Check out these top Hulu alternatives for the greatest streaming if you’re quitting Hulu because it’s not your style.
Cost of a Netflix Standard Subscription is $13.99 per month.

Cost of a Premium Subscription is $17.99 per month. Price of HBO Now Subscription: $14.99 per month (plus taxes) Video on Amazon Prime Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month (plus taxes) $8.99/month for Prime Video membership (plus taxes). CBS Cost of All Access Subscription: $5.99 per month. Subscription for the commercial free version is $9.99 per month. Crackle by Sony It is a free Sling TV. The monthly cost for the blue and orange streaming versions is $35. List of the Top 10 Free Netflix Alternatives for 2021 is also available.



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