The Galaxy Watch 5 series, according to tipster SnoopyTech , would be able to charge from zero to 45 percent in under 30 minutes. We could be looking at a little over an hour for a full charge given how charging times go down at higher percentages. Even if that is still quite quick compared to how long smartwatch charges typically take, it might only be the beginning.

Two predicted significant modifications are the cause of these alleged higher charge statistics. One is the usage of a quicker 10W charger, an improvement above the 5W charger that Samsung has been providing for a long. There’s also the rumored switch to a USB-C connector, which is currently uncommon in smartwatches but is supposedly speedier and more efficient. This may indicate that you won’t need to use the slower Wireless Powershare option in order to charge your Galaxy Watch 5 from your phone.

The one caveat to this leak is that it is anticipated that the Galaxy Watch 5 will also feature a substantially bigger battery. Particularly the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is said to have a 572mAh battery, which is larger than the 361mAh battery capacity of the Galaxy Watch 4 model. The charging speed might also be impacted by this, albeit it might not be the same for the other models. In any case, until the Pixel Watch is out, the Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be the Wear OS smartwatch to watch.


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