ARM on Tuesday also unveiled its second-generation CPUs based on the Armv9 architecture, which was first revealed a year ago, in addition to the new GPUs. The Cortex-X3 CPU is the star of the new lineup, followed by the Cortex-A715 CPU. The business also has an updated Cortex-A510 CPU. Additionally, the DSU-110 (DynamIQ Shared Unit) receives various upgrades.

ARM DEBUGS SECOND-GENERATION ARMV9 CPUS. The second-generation Armv9 CPUs, according to ARM, will significantly improve software, computation, and performance. According to the business, a wide range of next-generation devices can be scaled in different power, performance, and area vectors using its most recent CPU clusters. It makes outstanding claims for long-term effectiveness and performance.

The Cortex-X3 will replace the Cortex-X2 as the top-tier CPU core from the previous year. This year, ARM boasts a 25% improvement in performance. Additionally, according to the manufacturer, the new CPU outperforms most recent popular laptops in terms of single-threaded performance by 34%. Instead of Cortex-X1 or X2, an Intel Core i7 1260p is used for this comparison ( via ).

Advertisement Power consumption will be improved using the most recent ARM flagship CPU. However, ARM does not provide any precise data on this. However, a graph comparing the power usage of Cortex-X3 and Cortex-X2 CPUs was displayed.

ARM Cortex X3 X2 power consumption

ARM Cortex X3 X2 power consumption

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Regarding the Cortex-A715, which replaces the Cortex-A710 from the previous year, ARM claims that the new solution intensifies its pursuit of the most effective performance possible. For the same performance, it uses 20% less power. Additionally, if power usage remains constant, performance will increase by 5%. According to the manufacturer, the Cortex-A715 can perform at a level comparable to the Cortex-X1, their two-year-old flagship CPU. However, it is only 64-bit. 32-bit support was supplied by the Cortex-A710.

Advertisement This year, ARM hasn’t debuted a replacement for the Cortex-A510 efficiency CPU core. However, it asserts that significant modifications were made to last year’s solution for better power efficiency. The upgraded CPU reduces power consumption by 5%. A 32-bit support option is also available. Initially, there was just a 64-bit solution.

Not to mention, ARM revised the DSU-110 to support 50% more cores. Up to 12 cores and 16M L3 cache can now be supported. As a result, consumers can use the Cortex-X3 CPUs in a variety of devices, such as smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, TVs, and more.

ARM second gen armv9 CPUs comparison
ARM Cortex X3 X2 comparison
ARM Cortex A715 A710 comparison
ARM Cortex A510 2022

FUTURE FLAGSHIP SOCS WILL BE POWERED BY NEW CPUs The next-generation flagship processors from Qualcomm, Samsung, and MediaTek should be powered by the newest ARM CPUs. The release of these processors, which are anticipated to go by the names Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Exynos 2300, and Dimensity 9100/Dimensity 10000, respectively, is anticipated for the latter half of 2022 or the start of the following year. However, preliminary information about them has already begun to surface online. We anticipate learning more about them over the coming months. We’ll update you as necessary.


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