Almost every Android smartphone has a screenshot feature. The issue is that many phones provide various screenshot-related features. Therefore, some phones give you more options than others for taking screenshots. One of those phones is the ASUS ZenFone 9. On the ZenFone 9, you can capture a screenshot in three distinct methods, and we’ll teach you how to accomplish it in each one.

Of course, this is how hardware buttons are often pressed. Additionally, you may snap a screenshot using a gesture and the overview menu, just like on Google Pixel phones. We’ll discuss each of them in more detail below. You may follow along on your phone with the help of some screenshots that are included with each of those steps. Let’s begin, shall we?

HARDWARE WAY TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT ON THE ZENFOOT 9 By hitting hardware keys, individuals snap screenshots the most frequently. Like on the majority of Android phones, you must simultaneously hit the power button and the volume down button. You must press and hold them until the phone’s screenshot animation appears. That’s pretty much it; regardless of how you take a screenshot, it will always be saved automatically in your gallery.

Advertisement As with many other OEMs, ASUS displays a brief preview of the snapshot as soon as you take it (as shown below). Next to that preview, you’ll notice a horizontal bar with options. The screenshot can be quickly edited, captured as a scrolling screenshot, shared, etc. When you’re done, they are some extremely useful features to have.

How to take screenshot ZenFone 9 1

“How to snap a screenshot on the ZenFone 9 1?

HOW TO USE THE OVERVIEW MENU TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT You can snap screenshots from the ZenFone 9’s overview menu, just like on Google’s Pixel phones. You don’t need to push any hardware buttons to accomplish this. Assuming you’re using navigation gestures, the first thing you need to do is open the overview menu by sliding up from the bottom and holding your finger until the overview menu shows.

Advertisement The Screenshot option is located in the bottom-left area of the menu once it has appeared. The phone will snap a screenshot of the app card that is now in the foreground if you choose that option. So, simply swipe to the card or application you want to screenshot and do it.

How to snap a screenshot on a ZenFone 9 2

How to take screenshot ZenFone 9 2

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HOW TO USE A GESTURE TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT If you’re holding your device with two hands, this is likely the fastest method for taking a screenshot. With three fingers swiped across the screen of the ASUS ZenFone 9, you can take a screenshot. However, if it isn’t, we’ll teach you how to make it active.

Advertisement To begin with, you must open your phone’s settings. To open the app drawer, swipe up from the home screen. Select the Settings option from there.

How to take screenshot ZenFone 9 3

“How to take a screenshot on the ZenFone 9 3

The Advanced menu can be found by scrolling down and tapping it.
Advertisement ZenFone 9 4 screenshot instructions

How to take screenshot ZenFone 9 4

You must also go down in the Advanced menu until you reach the Screenshot option. Access it.

How to take screenshot ZenFone 9 5
How to take screenshot ZenFone 9 1

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Advertisement The Three fingers screenshot will be the first choice at the top. Turn on the toggle next to it if it isn’t already. You may proceed. You’ll also find a few other choices relating to screenshots in this menu.

How to take a screenshot on a ZenFone 9 6

How to take screenshot ZenFone 9 1


How to take screenshot ZenFone 9 1

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