Samsung is working on Android 13, but it appears the company is finally prepared to use Android 12L as the underpinning of its One UI layer.

SM-G12L APPEARS TO BE BEING RELEASED BY SAMSUNG According to a changelog that appeared last week and was discovered by SammyFans , the upcoming One UI version will apparently include Android 12L. Android 12L comes with One UI 4.1.1, according to a changelog supplied by Samsung for the One Hand Operation app, a component of Good Lock.

Samsung had previously made hints about One UI 4.1.1 earlier in this month , but it was not entirely clear what the update would add.

IS THERE REALLY A DIFFERENCE? What will One UI 4.1.1 and Android 12L actually bring to Samsung devices? Although it’s difficult to say at this moment, it’s difficult to picture the update bringing anything particularly significant given that it’s merely a 0.0.1 increase.

If this update does include any new features, they will almost certainly be more geared toward tablets and foldable phones than standard phones.

The big-screen UI of the platform underwent two major improvements as a result of Google’s introduction of Android 12L. The split-pane design for quick settings and notifications was first introduced with notifications. More intriguingly, a new taskbar interface for quickly opening and switching between apps was added to the navigation bar. Samsung doesn’t presently use either of these in its Android 12 releases, although the Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers an alternative taskbar design.

This is also timed perfectly with Samsung’s upcoming release of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4, two new foldable smartphones. It’s quite improbable that Android 13 would appear on those foldables even though the update is still in development. The Fold 4 is anticipated to arrive around the middle of August, while Google will probably release Android 13 in late August or early September.

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