A significant camera update for the Galaxy S22 series is being released by Samsung. The change, which was initially noticed by Sammy Fans, is currently accessible to users in South Korea. It ought to shortly enter additional markets, including the US. The publication’s snapshot of the changelog shared notes a number of new camera features. That’s not it, though. On its South Korean Community Forums, the firm just published a lengthy post outlining the new features for the phones.

Telephoto camera support for the Galaxy S22 series will be available in the hyperlapse mode. The 3X telephoto camera will now be supported by Samsung for making hyperlapse videos, to start. The 10MP telephoto camera on the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S22 Ultra all has a 3X optical zoom. The latter has a 10X telephoto lens as well, although it doesn’t appear to support hyperlapse recordings. Samsung claims that it is creating Astronomical Hyperlapse for the phones, though.

The QR Scanner in the camera on the devices is also receiving a number of functional upgrades. Samsung is expanding the scanning area to facilitate and speed up recognition. The phones can now also find and scan QR codes inside of recognized documents. Previously, you couldn’t scan a code if the camera detected the document before the code and you tried to scan a code that was contained in a document. The scanner has to be restarted with the focus on the QR code.

Advertisement Another significant upgrade to QR Scanner corrects an issue that prevented re-scanning a code after dismissing the initial scan. You’ll be able to scan the same code once again with the next camera update. Software improvements for memory and the AI (artificial intelligence) engine in different shooting modes, including Photo, Night, and Video, will also be made for the Galaxy S22 trio.

Additional performance improvements will enable better HDR (high dynamic range) and color fidelity in images. This should raise the photographs’ overall quality. Additionally, software enhancements for videos are being made to enable better filming.

A few months ago, Samsung released an update for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S22 Ultra that enhanced the primary camera’s natural sharpness and contrast in Photo mode. Ultrawide and telephoto cameras are now adopting these advancements. Additionally, the business is adding support for the Portrait and Pro shooting modes. Last but not least, color and brightness have been improved in Night Mode images.

Advertisement SAMSUNG IS WORKING ON MORE PROJECTS. In addition to the aforementioned Astronomical Hyperlapse capability, Samsung has more significant camera enhancements planned for the Galaxy S22 series. Among them are advancements in low-light photography fueled by AI. Although the company doesn’t specify a delivery date, we anticipate that these functionalities will be available within a few months.

The most recent update also makes some functional changes to messages. Users of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S22 Ultra in South Korea ought to start receiving this firmware update with version S90*NKSU2AVHB. Users in other areas might anticipate it as well.


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