The Odyssey Ark gaming display from Samsung is now available for pre-order, with a September launch date set. Samsung only started taking reservations for the Odyssey Ark monitor last week. Additionally, it was promised that everyone who placed a reservation for the enormous display would receive a $100 discount when they actually purchased it later that year.

Samsung offers a brand-new offering for people who are interested in purchasing one of these with the pre-orders commencing today. A $200 e-certificate from Samsung will be provided if you pre-order the Odyssey Ark. In essence, you can use this as a gift card to get discounts on items you purchase from Samsung’s website. However, it cannot be applied toward the cost of the Odyssey Ark.

To receive a $200 electronic certificate, pre-order the Samsung Odyssey Ark. Although you might not be able to use it on the display, the e-certificate would be valid if you wanted to purchase anything else from Samsung. You may, for instance, increase your storage and get a Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD. The 2TB version costs $240. Therefore, if you used your $200 electronic certificate, you might reduce that cost to to $40. For one of the best NVMe disks currently available, that price is unbeatable.

Advertisement which our PS5 is now using and which significantly reduces load times. Of course, the 2TB model with the heatsink would be preferred if you were purchasing it for the PS5, costing an extra $10. Even so, that would only be $50 as opposed to $250. The typical pricing for those drives are $299.99 and $279.99, therefore those are the bargain prices.

Even though this is a good price, there is a significant disclaimer that has to be made. If you don’t present the e-certificate at the time of purchase for the monitor, Samsung says it will be emailed to you, which could take up to 35 days. Therefore, if you can, use it right away. The $200 e-certificate also has a December 31, 2018, expiration date. Therefore, it must be put to use in the next months.

Samsung Odyssey Ark


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