Samsung doesn’t seem inclined to end its campaign of derision towards Apple. Earlier this month, the business unveiled two commercials making fun of Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker’s lack of product innovation. As part of its latest attack on Apple, it mockingly calls the iPhone 14 innovative.

Following the release of the iPhone 14 last week, Samsung poked fun at its arch-rival with a few interesting facts about its Galaxy smartphones in a series of tweets posts. Apple, what the Flip? Samsung has been flexing for two years, five months, and 20 days, the first tweet continues. That’s a nod to its first foldable from the Flip series. In the tweet, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is also displayed. The same insult directed at Apple appears in the second tweet, which showcases the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung appears to be urging Apple to enter the foldable market. The latter, however, has a reputation for little experimentation and yearly product releases that are nearly identical. Because the iPhone 14 base model is essentially a clone of the iPhone 13, it will be more difficult to refute that this year. These tweets poke fun at the habit, which has been the target of trolls frequently.

Advertisement The Korean company is also making fun of Apple’s poor iPhone camera quality. 48 MPixels? Apple, you’re almost there, the business tweets. In reference to the release of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it continues, “We’ve had 108 megapixels for two years, six months, and four days.” Apple finally increased the iPhone camera resolution to 48MP this year, though only on the Pro versions, after a long seven-year wait. The 12MP primary cameras on the two smaller iPhone 14 models are still present.

Samsung is still making fun of the Apple iPhone 14. These tweets from Samsung were described as a succinct overview of its reactions to the ground-breaking new products unveiled last Wednesday. Here, the word “innovative” is meant to make fun of the iPhones. The business makes fun of Apple for releasing the same iPhone year after year with little innovation. Additionally, this is nothing new. It has previously conducted similar ridicule efforts against its main competition.

As previously mentioned, Samsung has already run two commercials criticizing Apple for its iPhone 14 series improvements. Eve Jobs, the daughter of Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple, recently joined trolls attacking the business. We’re all in for it as long as the conversation doesn’t get ugly.


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