Later this year, Google plans to introduce the Pixel 7 series. However, it appears that Samsung is already developing the Tensor CPU for the Pixel 8 series. According to Galaxy Club, the Korean company is reportedly testing a new processor that is distinct from the one found inside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

The new CPU, code-named Zuma, has the product number S5P9865, according to the new report . On a developer board with the code name Ripcurrent, Samsung is testing it. The latter implies that the Pixel 7 series won’t be powered by the Tensor 2 chipset. The Cloudripper board is used to develop the Tensor 2.

This suggests that Samsung’s third-generation Tensor processor, the Zuma, would likely power the Pixel 8 series early the next year. To date, at least, there is no conclusive evidence to support that. As Samsung continues to develop and test the new technology, we might see more rumors regarding it.

Advertisement You might recall that Google only recently began utilizing proprietary chipsets built by Samsung under the Tensor name. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro introduced the first-generation solution. It also powered the mid-range Pixel 6a smartphone introduced earlier this year, which had the model number S5P9845. In a few months, the Pixel 7 series will be available with the second-generation Tensor processor.

Additionally, SAMSUNG is testing a new Exynos processor. Samsung’s Exynos processor portfolio is struggling, with its flagship models outperforming rival products. The situation has been this way for a while, and the business is fighting to make things better. The difficulties are so severe that the smartphone division of the Korean conglomerate does not want to employ Exynos processors from its sister company for the Galaxy S23 series flagships in 2019. Despite indications that the chip division is already working on its flagship product for the upcoming generation, the Exynos 2300 (S5E9935). It might wind up in premium phones made by some other brands.

There is now proof that Samsung is also developing a brand-new Exynos mid-range chipset. This item, with the model number S5E8835, is most likely to be the Exynos 1280 (S5E8825), which made its debut on the Galaxy A53 earlier this year. For obvious reasons, the Korean company might call it the Exynos 1380. Next year, it might power the Galaxy A54, but that’s just a calculated guess. In the upcoming months, we’ll probably learn more about it and the new Tensor processor. We’ll keep you informed.


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