Samsung has provided lightning-fast upgrades for its Galaxy series phones ever since the year 2022, but how is the Korean firm managing the June security patch update? Here is a list of all the most recent devices.

With the deployment beginning as early as May 30, Samsung is the first OEM to offer Galaxy owners the most recent security patch. It is important to note that the widely reported Dirty Pipe attack was fixed for many devices by the May 2022 security patch.

The Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel smartphones were mostly affected by this problem, and if so, susceptible devices might be remotely accessed and taken completely under control. Due to the direct impact of this attack on devices that came pre-installed with Android 12 and kernel version 5.8 or higher, this was restricted to Galaxy S22 series smartphones.

In Samsungs own release notes for the June update, 65 device-related vulnerabilities are addressed, including 5 that are classified as critical, 14 as high, and 2 as moderate. Additionally, more than 48 software-related patches from Google’s own June OTA are included in this update.

Resolved issues include direct on-device camera access, which could have allowed remote attackers to take over your Galaxy smartphone, and SIM card data access. Additional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity difficulties have also been fixed.

Samsung June update

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all Galaxy smartphones have received the One UI 4.1 upgrade. A variety of features and functionality that were first introduced as Galaxy S22-exclusive upgrades are included in this mid-cycle Android 12 release. Some Samsung Galaxy phones may also receive the June 2022 security upgrade in addition to One UI 4.1 because the rollout has not yet been fully completed.

Galaxy S series Galaxy Note series Galaxy Fold series Galaxy Flip series Galaxy A series Galaxy M series Galaxy F series Galaxy Tab series Samsungs own release notes 0 Although there is now a very modest number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones with the June 2022 security update, this number is steadily growing by device and region, with further additions anticipated in the upcoming days and weeks.

The update’s initial release location and whether it is also accessible in the United States will be noted in this list. The most recent additions will, as usual, be in bold.

Samsung S Series

samsung june update

The Galaxy S lineup from Samsung is among the most recognizable in technology and is almost always at the forefront of the company’s efforts in the smartphone market. Even though the S22 series was only recently released in early 2022, it was the older Samsung devices that received the June upgrade first.

The Galaxy S21, S21, and S21 Ultra units Samsungs own release notes 1 started receiving the June 2022 security patch as an OTA update in Europe. In the upcoming weeks, the distribution is anticipated to become more widespread for users of Exynos 2100-powered handsets. As users with unlocked phones are now beginning to experience the OTA update, the Qualcomm-powered Galaxy S21 series is now receiving the most recent patch in the US.

The Galaxy S21 FE is one of the newest Samsung smartphones in the lineup, despite being significantly delayed and launched nearly a month before the Galaxy S22 series. The 2022 release timeframe for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888-powered smartphone may be unclear, but it is already starting to receive OTA security updates for June 2022. For those with carrier-locked handsets, the rollout has already reached Europe and the US after starting in earnest on Samsungs own release notes 2 in Thailand.

The June patch is now being applied to the most recent and greatest Galaxy S22 series in European markets. This includes Galaxy S22, S22, and S22 Ultra Exynos models after our own UK phones began to receive the OTA update on June 2. Along with the most current security update, this 150MB patch also contains a number of software improvements and updates. It is anticipated that more regions will receive it over the next several days.

The update for the Galaxy S22 series in Korea adds some more adjustments and fine-tuning for the camera configurations on the most recent trio. These include enhanced portrait mode functionality, enhanced AI detection for animals like dogs, and improved memory consumption when recording video. This update started going out on Samsungs own release notes 3 and is considerably larger in Samsung’s native country, weighing in at about 1.7GB.

The most recent patch is now available for carrier-locked Galaxy S22 devices on Xfinity Mobile in the United States. It seems that all of the software updates for the camera system are still available, with Portrait mode adjustments assisting in improving animal recognition and more. We anticipate that the deployment will soon expand to more US carriers, and that models that are unlocked will also likely receive an update soon.

On Samsungs own release notes 4, the most recent patch for the Galaxy S20, S20, and S20 Ultra started to roll out. This update is now available for the trio of Exynos 990-powered devices (including LTE versions) in a number of European countries, including Switzerland. US carriers didn’t start sending the upgrade to Galaxy S20 devices until June 25. The June update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is now rolling out to both the LTE and 5G versions in a number of areas.

In Russia, the Galaxy S20 FE is receiving an update, and 5G deployment is expanding. As of Samsungs own release notes 5, it now includes carrier-locked devices in the US as well as the Baltic states, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Slovakia. As of Samsungs own release notes 6, it’s unclear how extensively this deployment covers the largest US carriers.

If you reside in Europe and own a Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10, you can now download the most recent security patch. The most recent patch is currently accessible over much of Europe as of Samsungs own release notes 7. This only applies to the 2019 Samsung Galaxy flagship models with Exynos processors. It’s also crucial to remember that Galaxy S10 smartphones will continue to receive normal monthly patches until the beginning of 2023 even though they are no longer eligible for the Android 13 update.

S10e Galaxy G970FXXSFHVF1 (Released first in Europe) S10 G970FXXSFHVF1 Galaxy (Released first in Europe) S10 G970FXXSFHVF1 Galaxy (Released first in Europe) S20 Galaxy G98xxXXSEFVE6 (Released first in Europe) The Samsungs own release notes 8 Galaxy S20 G98xxXXSEFVE6 is accessible in the US (Released first in Europe) Samsungs own release notes 8 Galaxy S20 Ultra G98xxXXSEFVE6 is accessible in the US (Released first in Europe) The Samsungs own release notes 8 Galaxy S20 FE G780FXXU9DVE7 is accessible in the US (Released first in Russia) S20 FE 5G G781BXXU4FVE8 Galaxy (Released first in Europe) Samsungs own release notes 9 Galaxy S21 G998BXXU5CVEB / G991USQU5CVF3 is available in the US (Released first in Europe) Galaxy S series 0 Galaxy S21 G998BXXU5CVEB / G996USQU5CVF3 is available in the US (Released first in Europe) Galaxy S series 1 Galaxy S21 Ultra G998BXXU5CVEB / G998USQU5CVF3 is readily available in the US (Released first in Europe) Galaxy S series 2 Galaxy S21 FE G990EXXU2CVF1 / G990USQU3CVF1 is readily available in the US (Released first in Thailand) Galaxy S series 3 Galaxy S22 S906BXXU2AVEH / S90xNKSU1AVF1 is available in the US (Released first in Europe) Galaxy S series 4 Galaxy S22 S906BOXM2AVEH / S90xNKSU1AVF1 is available in the US (Released first in Europe) Galaxy S series 4 Galaxy S22 Ultra S906BXXU2AVEH / S90xNKSU1AVF1 is accessible in the US (Released first in Europe) The Galaxy S series 4 GALAXY NOTE SERIES

is available in the US.

The release of the successful Galaxy Note line’s successor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, marks the end of an era. You must seek to Samsung’s most well-known devices if you want a Note series smartphone to satisfy your S Pen hunger. In the latter half of 2020, the final Galaxy Note was officially released. This means that before we say goodbye to the lineup completely, there are a few more updates to come.

Samsung is delivering the June update to devices Galaxy S series 5 in a few locations if you have a Galaxy Note 10 series smartphone powered by Exynos. Switzerland is included in this, and other nations in Europe are being added.

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite is still eligible for regular monthly fixes even though it is a more modest successor to the Note 10. The OTA upgrade for the early 2020 device in France started to trickle out as of Galaxy S series 6.

N970FXXS8HVE9 Galaxy Note 10 (Released first in Switzerland) N970FXXS8HVE9 Galaxy Note 10 (Released first in Switzerland) N770FXXU8GVF2 Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Released first in France)

for the Galaxy Fold Series

Since the unfortunate debut of the Galaxy Z Fold in 2019, Samsung has worked diligently to address many of the durability concerns raised about their foldable phone lineup. The Korean tech titan has essentially taken over the whole smartphone market in the three years after the release of this first-generation foldable.

German owners of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 can now download the most recent security patch as of Galaxy S series 7. This upgrade, which was powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, arrived for unlocked US phones almost the entire month after slipping in just before July began. More areas are currently receiving this fix as well.

It is simple to assert that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Samsung’s pinnacle, and it would be challenging to refute this. The newest Galaxy smartphone to receive the June security patch after the distribution started on June 17 in European countries is Samsung’s biggest and greatest foldable to date. Not only that, but Galaxy S series 8 claims that the OTA update also includes some camera performance enhancements. Modifications have been made to the Night Portrait mode, and while using the Samsung camera app Pro mode, support for the telephoto camera has been introduced.

Although the original Galaxy Fold’s debut may have been disastrous, the series has since been increasingly successful. With carrier unlocked models Galaxy S series 9 to the June update, it is now starting to receive the most recent security patch in the United States.

The Samsung Fold F900U1UEU6HVF7 (Released first in US) Galaxy Note series 0 Galaxy Z Fold 2 F916BXXU2GVE9 is accessible in the US (Released first in Germany) Galaxy Note series 1 Galaxy Z Fold 3 F926BXXS1CVEE is accessible in the US (Released first in Europe)

: Galaxy Flip Series

The remarkable flippable Z Flip series is one of Samsung’s expanding range of foldable smartphones. Given the existence of the Galaxy Fold, the small device lineup isn’t exactly in the top tier, but it still has amazing technology and quick software upgrades.

In Samsung’s native South Korea, the June 2022 security OTA update is now available for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Furthermore, this patch adds a few fresh features that aren’t found on other devices. Once updated, the Z Flip 3’s small outside display will allow you to Galaxy Note series 2. For those who don’t know, Smart Widgets let you stack several widgets on top of one another and access each one with a left or right swipe. Beyond the current built-in defaults, this will broaden the lock screen widgets. We anticipate this will soon be accessible in more locations.

For customers who own carrier-locked models of the foldable in the United States, an additional rollout of the June update for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has started. If you happen to be using a US-based carrier like Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or another, the OTA update from Galaxy Note series 3 should be accessible on your phone soon.

F711NKSU2CVEE / F711USQU2DVEE Galaxy Z Flip 3 (Released first in South Korea) GALAXY A SERIES, available on June 13

Galaxy A73 Samsung June update

You may be excused for anticipating little to no software support for a Galaxy A-series smartphone given that it is the entry-level series in the Samsung lineup. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as Samsung moves quickly to protect a number of its budget-friendly lines in a manner akin to flagships.

You may now download the June 2022 security update for the Galaxy A73 if you live in Asia. This Exynos-powered smartphone’s distribution started in Malaysia, but it should soon be upgraded in even more locations over the next few days. As of Galaxy Note series 4, several European countries, including France, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, UK, Italy, and Greece are now starting to see the June patch on one of its predecessors, the Galaxy A71 (LTE).

Although the Galaxy A52 has been replaced by the A53, the release of the most recent security patch has begun in Russia on Galaxy Note series 5. The Qualcomm-powered device’s first upgrade following Android 12 contains all the modifications and improvements. After the distribution started in South American markets on the Galaxy Note series 6, the 5G-capable A52 is now beginning to receive the most recent patch.

With the patch already rolling out in Austria, Croatia, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the UK, the A33 5G, which was released with the Galaxy A53, is now known as Galaxy Note series 7 in Europe.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, an improvement to the A52, is currently receiving the most recent June update after Galaxy Note series 8 in a few particular European and Asian regions. In the near future, more regions should receive updates for this smartphone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon. Those who own a Galaxy A32 5G will probably receive updates in the next weeks because the deployment in Korea began with Galaxy Note series 9.

After the distribution started in earnest in Singapore with the Galaxy Fold series 0, the stunning Galaxy A53 is now beginning to receive the June security patch. This inexpensive phone with an Exynos processor delivers a lot of the same ingredients that have worked so well for the more costly Galaxy S series, and 5 years of updates are guaranteed over its lifespan. On Galaxy Fold series 1, several nations in Europe, including Italy, the UK, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, France, and the Czech Republic, began a second rollout of the Galaxy A53.

As the patch has started seeding to Verizon handsets, the low-cost Galaxy A21 is also experiencing a deployment of the most recent update for people in the United States. It is the first Galaxy handset in the region to receive an upgrade, despite being one of the least expensive Samsung phones currently on the market. The June patch is currently being visible on the Galaxy A12 in a few Galaxy Fold series 2 locations. Being one of the most affordable Samsung smartphones, it is impressive to see such low-cost phones receiving frequent updates.

The June 2022 security update for your Samsung smartphone should now be accessible if you live in the US and have an unlocked Galaxy A51 device. The OTA update will probably be available very soon for those who have carrier-locked phones.

A127FXXU5BVF2 Galaxy A12 (Released first in India) A215USQS7BVE1 Galaxy A21 (Released first in the United States) Galaxy Fold series 3 Galaxy A32 5G A326KKSU3BVF1 is accessible in the US (Released first in South Korea) A3336BXXU2AVF2 for the Galaxy A33 5G (Released first in Europe) Samsung Galaxy A51 A515U1UES7DVF (Released first in the United States) Galaxy Fold series 4 Galaxy A52 A525FXXU4BVE2 is accessible in the US (Released first in Russia) A526BXXS1CVE4 Galaxy A52 5G (Released first in South America) A528BXXS1CVF1 Galaxy A52s 5G (Released first in Italy, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and the UK) Galaxy A53, version A536EXXU2AVF2 and A536BXXU2AVF2 (Released first in Singapore) A715FXXS8CVF2 Galaxy A71 (Released first in Europe) A73 Galaxy A736BXXU1AVE3 (Released first in Malaysia) Samsung M Series

For Samsung in several global countries, the Galaxy F and M series serve as the primary entry-level markets. In Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South American regions, phones are frequently offered for less than $200 as an even more affordable entry point for purchasers than the A-series. While most gadgets only receive updates infrequently, some give regular patches.

The June patch should soon be available for users of the Galaxy M33 since the OTA file has started to spread in some areas Galaxy Fold series 5. Because of the restricted global availability, it is uncertain how soon the deployment will go.

With the June patch rolling out from Galaxy Fold series 6, the Galaxy M23, another inexpensive model, is now beginning to get updated throughout Europe. Since the majority of the Snapdragon 750G-powered smartphone is offered unlocked, the deployment should continue to grow over the ensuing weeks.

M23 Galaxy M236BXXU1AVF1 (Released first in Europe) M33 Galaxy M336BXXU2AVF2 (Released first in Russia and Ukraine)

Galaxy F Series

The Galaxy F series is among Samsung’s most affordable models in several markets. usually just rebadged M series products with a few downgrades to help cut costs and trim the fat. The F41 is the Galaxy Fold series 7 to receive the June patch despite being updated less frequently than other models. With a wider release anticipated in the next few days, the upgrade is now being rolled out in Brazil and Panama.

galaxy f41 f415 b s s v f (Released first in Brazil and Panama)

of the Galaxy Tab Series

For those who are curious, the first Samsung device to receive the June security patch via an OTA update was a tablet rather than a smartphone. In a sizable section of Europe, the Galaxy Tab S7 5G began receiving the update, including Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the UK, and many other countries. The expansion now spans several regions as of Galaxy Fold series 8.

A less expensive cellular tablet with a 12.4-inch display and much of the same functionality as the more expensive Tab S7 makes up the Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G. With the patch starting to go out on June 26, customers in the US can get the upgrade on Verizon’s network.

The base Galaxy Tab S7 is now beginning to receive the June patch Galaxy Fold series 9 on Sprint and Verizon networks, rounding up the Tab S7 lineup. As the upgrade spreads to more tablet devices, this may eventually spread to further regions.

The June patch has been extended by Samsung to new tablets, including the Galaxy Tab Active Pro and its LTE-compatible sibling. With tough designs, IP68 certifications, and wider frames, the rugged tablets are built to take greater abuse than the typical Android tablet. On Galaxy Flip series 0, the launch of the business-oriented devices started.

As of Galaxy Flip series 1, the One UI 4.1 update, which includes the June 2022 security patch, has begun to roll out to the Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 since 2020. The European tablet models have it now, but it is anticipated that other regions will get it in the following weeks.

With the deployment starting in Argentina and Brazil from Galaxy Flip series 2, the Galaxy Tab A10.1, another inexpensive Android tablet, is now beginning to receive the most current patch. This tablet was first made available in 2019 and has since received updates to Android 10 and Android 11.

10.4-inch Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) T505XXU3CVE7 (Released first in Europe) A10.1 Galaxy Tab T515XXU8CVF1 (Released first in Argentina and Brazil) Tab S7 Galaxy T878USQU2CVE5 (Released first in the United States) US-accessible: Galaxy Flip series 3. Tab S7 5G Galaxy T976BXXU2CVE5 (Released first in Europe) FE 5G Galaxy Tab S7 T738USQU3BVF2 (Released first in the US) Galaxy Flip series 4 is offered in the US. Tab Active Pro Galaxy T540XXS3CVE1 (Released first in the United Kingdom) T545XXS3CVE1 B2BF Galaxy Tab Active Pro (LTE) (First made available in the UK) HOW TO VERIFY YOUR GALAXY DEVICE HAS THE LATEST OTA You can manually try to pull this if you are still waiting for the June 2022 security patch OTA notification on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Open Settings and select Software update, then click Download and install to do this.

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