A Galaxy Watch 5 spec seems to be a lie from Samsung. The thickness of the new smartwatches is far greater than what is stated in the official spec sheet. YouTuber DC Rainmaker found that there is an almost 50% discrepancy between the stated thickness and the real thickness.

There are three sizes available for the Galaxy Watch 5 series: 40mm, 44mm, and 45mm (Pro). The first two, according to Samsung, are 9.8mm thick. However, they both measure more than 13mm thick, or around 33% greater than the figures provided by the firm. If you go to the 45mm Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, a powerful smartwatch with an 80-hour battery life, this deviation increases. The stated claim for this model’s thickness is 10.5mm. In actuality, it is a thick watch that measures 15.07mm in thickness. In comparison to Samsung’s published measurements, it is 44% thicker.

This is obviously not ideal. Such a large thickness difference is concerning and could mislead customers. However, what does Samsung claim in the spec sheet? Further investigation by DC Rainmaker revealed that other watchmakers, in addition to the Korean company, also exaggerate the thickness of their timepieces. Every other OEM, including Apple and Garmin, essentially follows suit.

Advertisement The sensor bump on the back of the timepieces is being disregarded by all of these companies. They might be doing this because when you strap the watch tightly, the sensor region buryes into the wrist. In essence, the companies are reporting how thick the device is on top of your wrist. By failing to adequately explain this process in the spec sheet, they violate the law and deceive customers.

SAMSUNG CONTINUES TO BE THE WORST OFFENDER. Samsung is the worst of the bunch when it comes to adhering to the mysterious and fairly arbitrary guidelines for measuring the thickness of their products. To claim a 10.5mm thickness, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s side wall is simply measured. The sensor bump and the watch’s back are both completely ignored by the Korean company.

In the course of their investigation, DC Rainmaker also learned that the weight of the timepieces listed on the spec sheet did not take the straps into consideration. Even while that makes sense because straps come in different weights, the spec sheet doesn’t adequately reflect that. So keep in mind that the stated thickness and weight of a smartwatch don’t always convey the whole story when you want to buy one.

Advertisement Here’s a fascinating tidbit if you’re thinking about purchasing Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5. The Galaxy Watch 5’s 44mm diameter and thickness are nearly identical to those of an Oreo. In contrast, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is exactly like a double-stuffed Oreo. Below is a link to the complete video.


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