A class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung as a result of the most recent data leak. The corporation is accused in the lawsuit of neglecting to promptly notify the impacted customers of the leak. On September 6, Bloomberg reports , plaintiff Shelby Harmer and other harmed clients filed the class action at the US District Court for Nevada.

Late in July, an unauthorized third party gained access to Samsung’s US-based networks, resulting in the aforementioned data breach. Some Samsung customers’ personally identifying information was stolen by the assailant. According to the latest report, over 3,000 consumers were impacted. Although it may differ for each customer, the information obtained included the entire name, contact information, demographic data, date of birth, and product registration information. Social Security numbers and financial information, such as credit and debit card numbers, were not accessed, according to Samsung.

On August 4th, the business discovered this data breach while conducting an internal inquiry. However, it didn’t publicly acknowledge the breach or contact the impacted customers until September 2. This is the area that the class action lawsuit is focusing on. In order to safeguard its customers’ sensitive information, the complaint claims that Samsung disregarded both its own security requirements and those set forth by the industry. Additionally, it took the business approximately a month to inform the affected clients.

Advertisement Samsung is being sued for failing to disclose the data breach promptly. Samsung said in its public announcement of the data breach that it had spoken with affected customers individually, or at least those it could identify. More consumers whose personal information may have been affected in the incident are being found by the company. In response, it will inform them of the same. Samsung advises users to be wary of any unsolicited emails that ask for personal information in the interim. The business also urges you not to open attachments or click on links in shady communications.

Samsung claims that steps have been taken to safeguard the vulnerable systems. The business hired a top cybersecurity organization from the outside in addition to its internal security team to bolster its security procedures. The situation was coordinated with law enforcement as well. But because it took longer than it ought to have to inform customers of the data theft, the Korean company may still find itself in court. What results from this class action lawsuit remains to be seen. As soon as new information becomes available, we’ll keep you informed.


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