Samsung just released a new One UI 5.0 beta update for its Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 smartphones, which is based on Android 13. The most recent update included, among many other modifications, the ability to rapidly personalize the lockscreen by long-pressing on it. Now that the new UI has been seen in action, it is clear that Samsung drew influence from Apple’s recently released iOS 16.

On Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you may already personalize your lockscreen. You can access the settings menu or the company’s Good Lock app to do that. Styles, colors, widgets, backgrounds, and other elements of clocks are all customizable. A few weeks ago, Apple introduced the ability to long-press on the lockscreen to modify it, and it has since been incorporated to the most recent One UI 5.0 beta. Vaibhav Jain , the founder of TechDroider, recently made a comparison between the Good Lock app, One UI 5.0 beta, and iOS 16’s lockscreen customization interface.

The way that Samsung has implemented the functionality in One UI 5.0 is very similar to how Apple has implemented it in iOS 16. You can notice how closely the Korean company mimicked the iOS functionality in everything from the new wallpaper filter to the designs of the clocks and button placements. It’s true that some of these capabilities were already there in One UI, and the updates in the most recent version may simply reflect modifications made to the UI, but it would be difficult to believe Samsung if it claimed to have created the feature from scratch without first looking at iOS 16. This is not to argue that the copy is subpar, though.

Advertisement PRIOR TO IOS, SAMSUNG PHONES HAD CUSTOMIZABLE LOCKSCREENS. Samsung consistently criticizes Apple for its lack of cutting-edge new features on its iPhones. The design of new iPhones is largely unchanged from earlier generations, with very little improvements. Even the processor from the iPhone 13 isn’t upgraded in this year’s entry-level iPhone 14. Therefore, the ability to customize the lockscreen in iOS 16 is a huge thing for iPhone users. It counts as a significant new feature.

However, this feature has been available for years on Android, however you must do it through the settings app. Through its Good Lock software, which also provides a number of customization modules, Samsung also lets you completely configure the lockscreen of your Galaxy smartphone. Therefore, in a way, Apple stole the feature for iOS 16 only for Samsung to quickly return the favor. However, as long as smartphone manufacturers continue to steal admirable ideas from their rivals, we won’t be complaining.


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