Since Samsung released the wearable with only Bixby last year, owners of the Galaxy Watch 4 have been waiting for Google Assistant, and today support is formally releasing today .

Google unveiled Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 for the first time in February. There is a new style that is modeled after the experience of the Pixel phone. A fullscreen user interface with a black background and a four-color light bar that responds to voice input is opened when Hey Google is used to launch the application.

Additionally, the Assistant logo with a Hello, how can I help? shows briefly. prompt, while the top of the time looks to be bent. In addition, the results user interface has been updated and extensively uses background blur.

Users of the Galaxy Watch4 will now be able to add Google Assistant to their smartphones, giving them access to rapid, more natural voice interactions, prompt responses to queries, and on-the-go assistance.

Google boasts quicker response times compared to what was previously offered on Wear OS 2. From our limited experience so far today, it looks that voice transcription is processed on the device and displayed almost instantly. include:

Take control of your time by setting a timer, an alarm, and reminders. Maintain contact with loved ones and friends by making a call or sending a message. Turn on the bedroom light with your smart home controls. Find out the answers to your inquiries, where is the closest coffee shop? how is the weather right now?

Earlier and later

Strangely, users of the Galaxy Watch 4 are only required to update a new app that shows up in their list of My apps on Google Play. (You can look for it in the Play Store while watching, too.) Google Assistant will show up as a new icon in the app launcher after you download the most recent version.

Users are led to their phone to complete the somewhat time-consuming process after being prompted to activate Google Assistant on their watch by launching.

Make Google Assistant active. Utilize Hey Google to access your Assistant and select Voice Match. You have the option to save audio. Get customized results on your watch. Push a button to communicate with your assistant.








The hardware key can be used to activate Assistant in addition to the app icon and hotword: Customize keys under the settings app’s advanced features section. It is included under pressing the Home key twice or while holding it down. In Settings > Google > Assistant, you can turn on or off the Hey Google and Speech output.

Ten markets, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the UK, and the USA, will have access to Google Assistant. Danish, English (American, Canadian, United Kingdom, Australian, Irish), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French (Canadian, France), and Taiwanese are among the 12 languages that it will support.






All but one of the new or enhanced first-party apps (YouTube Music, Google Pay, and Maps) introduced alongside Wear OS 3 at I/O last year have already been made available by Google as of this launch. This fall, Fitbit will make its debut on the Pixel Watch.

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