The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, according to Samsung, feature the most sophisticated sleep tracking technologies available. Yang Tae-jong, a Samsung executive, claimed that the new watches are the ideal companion for good sleeping habits during a press conference held in New York shortly after the Galaxy Unpacked last week. Yang is Samsung’s director of health research and development.

The Galaxy Watch 5 series made its debut last Wednesday and features some significant upgrades over the earlier models. According to the firm, the duo will establish new benchmarks for smartwatch health experiences. The brand-new timepieces have a cutting-edge bioactive sensor. For thorough health monitoring, it integrates optical heart rate (PPG), electrical heart signal (ECG), and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA).

This year, Samsung made technological improvements that made it possible to monitor sleep more precisely, Yang said . He mentioned that the business has been developing sleep-tracking devices for a while. Its watches track several sleep phases, catch snoring, and measure blood oxygen levels. Users are then given a thorough presentation of the data so they may quickly assess their sleep quality.

Advertisement The Galaxy Watch 5 also provides users with personalized sleep coaching programs that let them gradually improve their sleeping patterns. Yang stated that Samsung works with Samsung Medical Center to develop these programs. Customers have free access to those. For these programs, several smartwatch and fitness tracker manufacturers demand more money.

Samsung intends to use pertinent sleep data in future clinical trials. For additional research, the company collaborates with the National Sleep Foundation of the United States as well as departments at the Universities of California, San Diego and San Francisco.

A NEW TEMPERATURE SENSOR IS ALSO A FEATURE OF THE GALAXY WATCH 5. Samsung has upgraded the current health sensors and added a new temperature sensor to the Galaxy Watch 5 series. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has not yet approved the new hardware, but once it does, it will create new opportunities for wristwatch health monitoring.

Advertisement Samsung is working on a number of features for the contactless temperature sensor included on the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, according to Yang. The business anticipates using it for body skin temperature measurement, sleep monitoring, activity monitoring, and other medical fields. The Samsung CEO thinks that in the upcoming years, smartwatches will be crucial to the health care industry. The Korean company will be at the vanguard of this transition thanks to its three pillars of invention, networking, and cooperation.

The DNA of Samsung is technology. Yang stated that we will keep making technology investments to stay ahead. Samsung takes seriously its partner partnership. With cooperating businesses, we will develop an open environment that will benefit customers more.


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