If you utilize third-party launchers, Samsung removes the taskbar on Android 12L. 9to5 When using third-party launchers like Nova Launcher and Niagara on a Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Galaxy Tab S8 running Android 12L, Google discovered that the setting to enable the taskbar is grayed out. Although there is a workaround, the business appears to have a good cause for blocking the feature.

To enhance the Android experience on large-screen devices like tablets and foldables, Google unveiled Android 12L last year. It adds a number of additional features made specifically for wide screens, like a persistent taskbar. You may rapidly switch between your most used programs by pinning them to the taskbar’s bottom-of-the-screen location. This makes it easier to multitask.

Thanks to the company’s adaptations for One UI 4.1.1, the taskbar on eligible Samsung smartphones can display up to ten applications. But if you use outside launchers, the feature itself is disabled. By going to Settings andgt; Display andgt; Navigation bar and scrolling down to the Looking for anything else? area, you can force it to be enabled. You may enable the taskbar even when using third-party launchers via this shortcut to the taskbar’s settings. The newspaper discovered a number of bugs, though, which account for Samsung’s choice to suspend the feature.

Advertisement The taskbar first appears on the multitasking menu, almost covering its associated app icons. Additionally, it is erratic and sporadically absent. The newspaper also found further bugs that needed to be fixed by toggling the taskbar on and off. Given all these problems, it makes sense that Samsung would decide to disable the taskbar on Android 12L when using third-party launchers.

The taskbar is also displayed in the multitasking menu by third-party launchers on stock Android 12L (on Pixel devices), according to the latest report . This suggests that Android has a constraint. I’m hoping Google will address issue in further updates. Use of third-party launchers should be avoided for the time being if you want the greatest Android 12L experience on your Samsung device.

Android 12L and the TaskBar are being released by Samsung for compatible Galaxy devices. The first Samsung smartphone to ship with Android 12L was the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The company started propagating the special branch of Android to its older eligible handsets not long after the new foldables launched last month. The Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Tab S8, and Galaxy Tab S7 series, among others, have recently received the Android 12L update with Samsung’s One UI 4.1.1 on top. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 ought to get the update shortly as well.

Advertisement Samsung is also updating several previous flagships with One UI 4.1.1, including the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip, and others. Of course, these phones will only receive the ordinary version of Android 12, not Android 12L. Beginning next month, the company will upgrade all of these smartphones, tablets, and dozens of others to Android 13. One UI 5.0, which is based on Android 13, is presently being beta tested. In the middle of October, the Galaxy S22 series’ stable rollout is anticipated to start. We’ll keep you informed.


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