When the chance arises, Samsung doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at Apple. Do you recall the “notch guy” from 2017 who made fun of the iPhone X’s large display notch? Or the Korean company boasting that its Galaxy devices include an in-box charger after Apple released the iPhone 12 series without the power brick in 2020? The latter, however, backfired when Samsung decided to remove chargers from its phones a few months later, embarrassing itself. However, the business still makes fun of Apple. The iPhone manufacturer was recently the target of an advertisement mocking its lack of product innovation.

PRIOR TO THE RELEASE OF THE IPHONE 14, SAMSUNG RELEASES A SPITTING APPLE AD The iPhone 14 series debuts for Apple the following week. Samsung is promoting the features that its Galaxy smartphones now have but the new iPhones won’t in an effort to entice customers to buy them before that happens. The company’s phrase choice in the advertisement is quite effective, directly criticizing Apple for its lack of innovation.

As you enter a world where heads will turn, just not in your direction, Samsung advises you to buckle up for Apple’s newest launch. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is marketed by the manufacturer as the phone that will draw attention to you. The most recent foldable smartphone most definitely fulfills that need. It’s a fashion statement with a strong interior.

Advertisement Samsung continues by informing potential purchasers of the iPhone 14 that the smartphone with the highest resolution camera will be in someone else’s pocket. The primary rear camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a resolution of 108MP, compared to the upcoming iPhones’ speculated maximum of 48MP. However, we can’t entirely agree with Samsung’s position here. Better photos and videos don’t always result from increasing camera resolution.

However, Samsung emphasizes the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 100x Space Zoom capability, claiming that if you purchase an iPhone 14, you would not be able to take the amazing moonshot that is garnering all the likes. Because your iPhone won’t be receiving this breakthrough any time soon. The Galaxy has it already, Samsung concludes.

This is just another deft jab from Samsung at Apple. In a subtle way, the firm reminds everyone that it is setting the bar for smartphone innovation. It will now be interesting to see whether the Korean company releases another advertisement criticizing the iPhone 14s design. This year, Apple will finally do away with the notch and replace it with a large pill. Maybe Samsung will bring back the person with the pill-shaped hairstyle from the notch? We’ll soon find out. On September 7, the iPhone 14 series will be on sale.


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