If you didn’t already know, Samsung’s foldable phones are the most popular ones available. Although they have made significant progress over the years, it is understandable that the less expensive and more robust S series phones continue to outsell them. But everything could change. In a few years, according to Samsung, foldable phones may surpass S phones in popularity.

When Samsung’s Galaxy S devices are released, many people purchase them. The Samsung 2022 S flagships have a starting price of $799, making them far more affordable than the $1,099.98 beginning price for foldable phones. That price is only for the Flip 4; a Fold 4 will set you back around two grand.

Additionally, the Galaxy S phone has a more recognizable form factor and is more robust. Because of this, despite their immense appeal, sales of the Galaxy Z foldable phones will always lag those of the S phones.

Advertisement However, Samsung thinks that in a few years, foldables may overtake smartphones. Although we believe foldable phones will never surpass S phones, Samsung claims the challenge has been accepted. By 2025, foldable products will account for more than half of Samsung’s total “shipments” of premium smartphones, according to a recent statement by Roh Tae-Moon, the company’s CEO (via Phone Arena ).

The company (or perhaps simply Roh Tae-Moon) predicts that by 2025, the Korean firm will ship more foldable phones than S phones. That’s a huge statement considering how niche foldable phones are in comparison to slab phones.

If this truly occurs, we may anticipate that the Galaxy Z Flip phone (which would be the Galaxy Z Flip 7) would sell more units that year than the Z Fold. In the modern phone market, the Flip phones are more well-liked than the Fold phones.

Advertisement The only thing we’re worried about is how much those phones will cost in that particular year. Samsung increased the cost of its foldables a year after releasing less expensive models. Last year, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 cost $999, but the Z Flip 4 cost $100 more. The 512GB edition of the Z Fold 4 was slightly more expensive than the 256GB variant when it was first released.

The prospective costs of those phones are unknown because we don’t know how the economy or the chip scarcity will be this year. If Samsung is correct, the mobile market could look entirely different in 2025.


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