Samsung previously announced the Odyssey Ark at CES 2022, a sizable gaming monitor that will be available for purchase very soon. As of right now, you can to reserve the Odyssey Ark, which will result in a $100 save when you buy it in full later this year. The monitors retail for $3,499.99, which is the issue.

You would assume that it will have some fairly ridiculous features since this is more than most people spend on their gaming computer. It does, after all, have some excellent gaming features. Furthermore, they are ones that any gamer would likely be content to have at their disposal. as the powerful 55-inch curved 4K Quantum Mini-LED display. 165Hz refresh rate, for example. But its ability to swivel the display into cockpit mode is what really sets it apart. This really only involves turning the screen vertically instead of horizontally.

Additionally, it has Dolby Atmos, which supplies sound to the two central woofers and four corner speakers. It might eliminate the need for soundbars or external speakers. Given that you will require as much desk space as possible.

Advertisement The Samsung Odyssey Ark will be available later this year.

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Although the monitor can be reserved right now, it has not yet been made available for purchase. But according to Samsung, it won’t take long to get your hands on one because the debut is scheduled for early September. if you’re willing to shell out the cash.

The Odyssey Ark is expensive, but it has a lot to offer. for console gamers as well. You won’t have to struggle with those unsightly black bars on the side of the screen when playing on your PS5 or Xbox Series X|S thanks to the monitor’s 16:9 aspect ratio. Samsung’s selection of gaming monitors also addresses a different issue. Access to the monitor settings and menus is awful.

Samsung refers to the dial included with the Odyssey Ark as the Ark Dial. a wireless control that runs on solar power that you may use to navigate the menus. In a nutshell, the Odyssey Ark is a high-end gaming monitor at a high cost. with lots of cool features. And if you’re interested, you can have it within the next month.

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