If you buy Samsung products straight from its website, you can take advantage of a number of unique incentives. However, this necessitates a few days of waiting for the thing to arrive, which is never fun. Because they allow you to pick up the handset from a nearby location on the same day, third-party stores like Best Buy or carriers are preferred by many customers when purchasing new Galaxy smartphones. Because of this, Samsung now offers same-day in-store pickup for orders placed on Samsung.com. The most recent foldables are available for purchase on the company’s official website, and you can pick them up at any Best Buy shop that sells them.

This collaboration with Best Buy extends beyond simply smartphones. For other product categories like wearables, computers, tablets, and TVs, you can choose in-store pickup. You can pick up the item at a Best Buy store after placing an order on Samsung.com as long as the product is available there. There is no need to wait for delivery. When checking out, be sure to choose in-store pickup and validate the store address.

Of course, a Best Buy location is most likely selling a product if it is in stock. Therefore, you can always go to the store, see the item in person, and pay for it there. However, as previously said, purchasing a Samsung product directly from the manufacturer will save you money compared to most third-party merchants. As an illustration, the Korean company is presently providing trade-in credit of up to $900 if you upgrade from the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to Galaxy Z Flip 4. You effectively get a 256GB Galaxy Z Flip 4 for $100 with this. That’s because pre-ordering the base model comes with a free storage increase, another Samsung bonus.

Advertisement CERTAIN GALAXY MERCHANDISE IS ALWAYS UNIQUE TO THE SAMSUNG STORE. Samsung always retains some products exclusive to its online store, despite these kinds of alliances. Actually, not the entire product, just a few color and storage options. For instance, the 1TB Galaxy Z Fold 4 is exclusive to Samsung. Also not the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition. You must order from Samsung.com and wait for delivery if you desire either of these products. You’ll have to make that trade-off in exchange for these premium devices.

Nevertheless, it’s great that Samsung offers same-day in-store pickup for purchases made through its website. It’s unclear whether the firm will continue this arrangement with Best Buy or if it’s only providing this convenience until it gets ready to start selling its Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldables. On August 26, the newest foldables go on sale.


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