Unfortunately, hackers frequently target well-known corporations. Samsung, the largest phone maker in the world, has officially acknowledged that it was recently hacked in a note to its consumers. Only a few months have passed since this hack.

Despite having some of the greatest cybersecurity available, major corporations are still susceptible to hacking. A recent hack against LastPass resulted in the theft of portions of its source code. However, the business claimed that the hack did not include the theft of any personal information.

Samsung notified its customers that it had been compromised. The Korean IT giant informed its customers via email on Friday that a third party had managed to get through the company’s security precautions. Because the corporation admits that user data was stolen in the breach, this scenario is worse than what occurred to LastPass. It states in the email that

Advertisement Information from some of Samsung’s American systems was obtained by an unauthorized third party. We discovered through our continuing investigation that certain customers’ personal information was impacted on or about August 4, 2022.

Samsung hacked notice”>

samsung hacked notice

There is no one who wants to hear this. Even this situation’s silver lining isn’t that bright. According to Samsung, neither the social security number nor a credit or debit card were seized in the attack. However, in some instances, names, contact details, demographic data, birth dates, and product registration details were obtained. This makes it bittersweet.

Advertisement To assist in this investigation, Samsung hired a reputable security company, and it is also collaborating with law enforcement to gather more data. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer much additional information. Although the inquiry has been ongoing for some time, you can bet that much of it is taking place behind closed doors.

This investigation is ongoing. You should keep an eye out for any more account-related changes from Samsung. More information might be found as time goes on since this investigation is still open. Keep an eye on your account, please. You can also alter your account’s login details if doing so makes you feel safer. Follow this link to a Samsung help website if you have any more queries.


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