At an event for Amazon’s services and gadgets today, Ring unveiled three new Spotlight Cams. The new Spotlight Cam Pro is available in battery and plug-in versions, as well as solar and wired versions.

Currently, the new Ring Spotlight Cam Pro has 3D motion detection. This is because the cameras now have radar built in. A moving object in front of the camera can be measured in terms of its distance and angle by Ring. Customers will be able to specify a threshold for the camera’s motion detection. Like how it does currently, excluding the 3D action.

Ring claims that by incorporating 3D motion, it can improve its notifications and boost their accuracy. Although the business acknowledges that it will be difficult to totally stop false alarms, Ring has made tremendous progress in enhancing notifications by putting radar sensors on devices like cameras and doorbells. Additionally, this will support functions like the Bird’s Eye View.

Advertisement With the addition of in many different variations , the Spotlight Cam Pro is now more compatible with any setup you might have at home. The classic wired and battery variants are still available today. The Spotlight Cam Pro Solar and Spotlight Cam Pro Plug-in are further products that Ring is launching. The primary distinction between a wired and a plug-in model is that a wired model makes use of exterior wiring while a plug-in model uses an outdoor outlet.

See here for pricing on the Spotlight Cam Pro Wired . You may pre-order the Spotlight Cam Pro (Battery), Spotlight Cam Pro (Plug In), and Spotlight Cam Pro (Solar), which will ship on October 26. In fact, the Spotlight Cam Pro Wired ($249) will be available soon.

A NEW SPOTLIGHT CAM IS ALSO AVAILABLE. A new Spotlight Can Plus is also being introduced by TOO Ring today. With a little design modification, it is essentially the same as the existing Spotlight Cam. It now has a little chunkier appearance but continues to function as expected. This contains a security siren, live view, color night vision, and two-way communication. The Spotlight Cam Pro and the Plus will both be available in a variety of power configurations. That includes plug-in, wired, solar, and batteries.

Advertisement Starting today, the Spotlight Cam Plus will cost $199.


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