The Xiaomi Mi Band series has dominated the market unlike few other wearables save the Apple Watch. The Mi Band 7 will continue to be Xiaomi’s finest low-cost item for another year thanks to a combination of pricing, battery life, shape, and functionality.

While it may appear at first glance that not much has changed. The Mi Band has undergone a few very modest changes that elevate it to become the ideal daily fitness monitoring partner for all Android phones or even an iPhone.

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is mostly a silicone band with a tiny screen that can be detachable and attached to different straps, clips, and even a keychain from specific shops. The clue is in the name. This is somewhat refreshing in its simplicity, especially given how much of our everyday technology has grown over the past several years.

Although the design is understated, which is admirable, it is difficult to tell the Mi Band 7 from its predecessors. Thanks to Xiaomi for not implementing modifications merely for the sake of it, many current accessories, such replacement straps, should still function as intended.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 feels familiar in all the right ways, which is nice considering that it isn’t trying to upend things with flashy new hardware or significant new functionality. Think of it like an old pair of slippers. Sadly, no new watch face colors are available. To add a bit more flair, you’ll need to swap out the silicone band.

Nevertheless, given that the Mi Band 7 is just a thin strap with a smaller-than-2-inch screen, I believe that the normal stealthy black design suits it the best. Add in the fact that the Mi Band line costs between $40 and $50, and the design decision becomes understandable. This aids in maintaining affordable cost because worldwide variations lack NFC connectivity for wireless payments.


Xiaomi Mi Band 7 display

Fitness bands have come a long way since the early Fitbit straps with no display, and the fact that they now feature full-color AMOLED displays is evidence of how far this type of wearable has come. Since the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 introduced color to the lineup, the display footprint has been continuously growing millimeter for millimeter every year. Given its size, the 1.62-inch AMOLED display’s 326ppi is astounding.

It’s a smoother display than I was expecting that is unexpectedly good. Even though the capacitive home button was removed, gesture navigation and animations are seamless considering that this device is only somewhat more powerful than a scientific calculator. Even if your smartphone display is practically saturated with information, skipping tunes and reading notifications seems more analog than on it.

I had been eagerly anticipating using the Always-on display function for the first time, and with a recent software update, I haven’t been disappointed. There is undoubtedly a battery life loss, but it is worthwhile because you can see the clock at a glance without having to activate or otherwise engage with the Mi Band 7. It’s even more enjoyable to experiment with each watch face’s distinctive designs that make use of the feature. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call it the “killer feature,” it is unquestionably one of the best recent upgrades and may be the catalyst for many customers to switch from an older model.

To make the most of the larger display, Xiaomi has introduced a number of different watch faces. MIUI has also added Super Wallpapers, which are interesting but not always the best addition. When the screen was on, I saw that the animations would leap. I simply continued using the default watch face because it gave me all the information I needed at a glance, despite the fact that it was good in theory. You can select from a wide choice of designs with the Zepp Life app, from mechanical to abstract art.

I’ve found that the Mi Band 7’s maximum brightness of 500 nits is about bright enough for sunlight legibility, but its rounded, glossy display is a drawback. But because it’s so little, you can easily cover the screen with your hand and still see everything that’s on it.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 comfort and fit


With a weight of only 13.5g and a small size, you won’t even know that there is an object on your wrist on a daily basis. The Mi Band 7 is incredibly comfortable for me because to its size and design, but it also fastens in a way that makes it secure.

Nothing protrudes from the flat, extended display to restrict wrist movement. Heck, it wouldn’t be a horrible experience to strap this on your ankle and go for a run.

Wearing the Mi Band 7 while taking a shower or even a plunge in the pool is not even an issue because everything is waterproof to 5ATM. I would advise taking it off and drying since the rubberized band can irritate you.


For mapped runs or walks, you’ll still need to have your phone with you since there is still no onboard GPS. Since individuals who are serious about their fitness would probably prefer a specialized tracker, I don’t think this is a significant concern.

120 workouts are tracked thanks to Xiaomi. Yes, 120. Compared to its predecessor’s 30 modes, there has been a four-fold increase. Along with training load data points, there are also recovery mode tracking data possibilities.

Although I can’t speak too highly of the accuracy, there are several possibilities that dwarf many full-fat smartwatches. You might want to keep in mind that auto-workout tracking sometimes take a little while to start working. It is always going to be more beneficial to be able to track things, even from a basic position, rather than just making assumptions about the data.

You can sync all of your health and exercise information to Google Fit using the. To make it simpler to determine when you actually wore your band or any wearable connected to your Google account, this data is tagged within the Fit app.


Zepp Life app with Xiaomi Mi Band 7 data

I would advise reducing the continuous heart rate monitoring to once every 30 minutes at the most in order to help ensure that you receive the best battery life. After receiving the Mi Band 7, I charged it once fully to 100% and left continuous blood oxygen (SpO2) tracking on. I have not had to look for the slightly bothersome charger in the six days since I first started wearing it.

With a few adjustments, Xiaomi says you can achieve up to 15 days of battery life, but you’ll miss out on some of the pleasant features that this small wearable has to offer. This kind of device will always be superior to a big, heavy, and power-hungry smartwatch for tracking sleep.

When charging, I discovered that the only reliable method to ensure power draw was to remove the bulbous screen piece from the wristband. Although it is rather inconvenient, the charging procedure has not changed from the Mi Band 5.


One of the few ongoing complaints for a tried-and-true product that only slightly improves with each passing year is the absence of NFC support outside of China. There is nothing better if you want a daily companion with minimal to no bulk for simple fitness tracking.

If you already own a Mi Band older than the Mi Band 5, there probably isn’t enough reason for you to consider upgrading to the latest model. Personally, I believe the Mi Band 7 to be the ideal substitute for a full-featured smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch 4. This is still the undisputed king of the fitness bands if all you need is basic health and workout tracking, a small design, and great battery life.

HOW DO I BUY A XIAOMI MI BAND 7? Xiaomi accessories and wearables are simpler to find than Xiaomi handsets in North American markets through reliable retail channels. The Mi Band 7 is available for direct purchase from Xiaomi for Video Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review 0 and Video Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review 1.

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