Android Headlines had the chance to review the Sweeva 6500, a robot vacuum cleaner from TCL that was only recently released. One of the company’s more expensive versions is this one. Is this an interesting device, or will it be overtaken by the alternatives? Check out this review to find out.

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CLEANING Whether a robot vacuum is intelligent or not depends on whether it can actually vacuum. The Sweeva 6500 did a great job of gathering up dust and debris when I used it on a wood floor. The contrast between before and after I use the vacuum is like night and day because the apartment I tried it in accumulates a lot of dust. The tool is quite effective at removing dust and dirt from nooks and crannies.

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Additionally, it cleans thoroughly. The Sweeva separates the space into rooms or parts and cleans each one separately. It begins by outlining the space. Then, it circles the room repeatedly, making sure to cover every square inch.

One thing I observed—and this isn’t exactly a complaint—was that it would finish one room and then abruptly switch to another. It would first finish cleaning the second room before going back and finishing the first.

Advertisement It happened a little more frequently than I would have wanted, as it does with most smaller vacuums, and they are easy to clog up with slightly larger particles. Regular dust and debris are not a concern. Just as you start to accumulate paper or plastic wrap pieces. They can easily push the brush aside. None of them succeeded in stopping the brush in any way, but they all became stuck and hampered the cleaning.

NAVIGATION With great accuracy, the Sweeva 6500 was able to find its way around the apartment. When you use the vacuum for the first time, it will scan the surroundings as it cleans. The region will be mapped, and the data will be saved for upcoming cleanup.

The Sweeva 6500 maps the environment using a combination of physical collision detection and its LED lighting. The chassis’ front section contracts like a button. Therefore, it presses the front section when it collides with an object. The Sweeva is instructed to stop and correct its angle via this.


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It will update the map to reflect the new information once it has navigated around the object. The Sweeva can move around the residence quickly because to this and the LED lights.

I turned the device around and put it in a different location in the flat several times because of how accurate the navigation is. It was able to pinpoint its location after a few spins.

Advertisement THE PLAT You may view the region after the Sweeva 6500 maps it out using the TCL software. The program will offer you a top-down perspective of it and automatically categorize the space into rooms. By giving the rooms new names and specifying their dimensions, you may personalize them.

You may send the vacuum to clean specific rooms when the rooms are customized, which is amazing. You can mark a little area on the map for the vacuum to clean if you want it to work in even smaller locations.

You can designate no-go zones if there are any areas where you don’t want the vacuum to go. The Sweeva was competent at avoiding these zones, but occasionally struggled. Simply make the region on the map a little larger than it is in reality.

Remote control for advertisements The remote control is a unique feature that TCL incorporated to this vacuum. This function is available through the TCL Home app. As you might have guessed, this function allows you to manually operate the vacuum using the app’s buttons.

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When you press the button and the Sweeva reacts, there is little any wait, thus the function works well. It’s just bad that the control UI lacks a reverse button.

Advertisement The primary issue I have is that pushing a button on the remote will stop the vacuum from currently auto-cleaning a room or the entire house. As a result, you won’t be able to swiftly maneuver the vacuum to deal with a tiny area and continue the cleaning process. You’ll have to start over.

BATTERY The Sweeva 6500 has a long-lasting battery. Cleaning the entire area takes, for my purposes, around 30 minutes. The vacuum loses 15% of its battery capacity from a full charge throughout that period. I cleaned a space that is around 269 square feet. This is also with the suction set to full. Larger residences shouldn’t pose any problems for it at all.

VOICE DIRECTIONS The voice prompts that come with the TCL Sweeva 6500 are a wonderful feature. These are helpful in informing you of the device’s status. You’ll hear a voice response if the gadget is charging, the wheel is suspended, the brush is jammed, the trash bin is removed, etc.


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There are MANY options available with the TCL Home app. The Sweeva 6500 is really propelled by the TCL Home app. You may edit your rooms, monitor the vacuum’s progress in real time as it cleans, find the device if it gets lost, make a timetable, and so much more using the app. It is essential since it serves as the vacuum’s main management and control hub.

DO YOU NEED TO PURCHASE A TCL SWEEVA 6500? There are various robo-vacuums available on the market, and many of them cost more than $499. Although the TCL Sweeva could be considered a starting robot vacuum, that is not how it feels. Many features are available to you, giving the impression that this is a high-end smartphone. It also performs a fantastic job of cleaning the space.

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The only complaint I’d have is that the cleaning procedure is restarted by the clumsy remote controls. However, I strongly advise you to get this item.


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