Using Sonos to build an amazing sound system for your living room may get rather pricey. But is it now less expensive as a result of the Sub Mini? In September 2022, Sonos introduced the Sub Mini, a less expensive wireless subwoofer. In comparison to the standard Sonos Sub, it costs $270 less. What are you losing by choosing the less expensive Sub Mini, though, is the actual query here. Does it merit purchase, too? Let’s investigate.

CONFIGURATION OF THE SONOS SUB MINI The Sonos Sub Mini is remarkably simple to set up. Simply start the app if you already have a Sonos system in your house, and a banner for configuring the Sonos Sub Mini will appear. The ability to display how long it should take to set up Sonos is a good touch. Therefore, you can set it up later if you don’t have a lot of time right now.

The setup process can be started by pairing Sonos’ more recent speakers with your phone by tapping it on the speaker. These speakers have NFC built-in. Compared to other smart home gadgets’ attempts to connect to the speakers through WiFi, this is significantly simpler.

Advertisement You may start using it after setting it up, which takes approximately five minutes. It’s paired with the Sonos Beam 2 in my home, so I constantly see those two partnered in the app. Of course, you can also pair other Sonos speakers if you have them in your home, like I do. For instance, I have a Sonos One on my workstation downstairs and an Beam 2 and Sub Mini in the living room. I can use them all together to watch TV or play music. That is Sonos’ allure.

HOW IT APPEARS The speakers that Sonos produces have stunning aesthetics. Making audio equipment that blend in with your house rather than stand out is their entire manufacturing philosophy. The Sonos Sub Mini accomplishes this. It comes in black and white, and Sonos sent us the black version. Because it is made of soft-touch plastic, it won’t show dust as readily as the earlier Sub did. The previous Sub was made of glossy plastic.

Advertisement It is a cylindrical sub with a hole in the middle that allows sound to exit from all directions. The pairing button on the rear is probably not going to be used at all. Because this Sub Mini has feet, the outlet is on the bottom and doesn’t really rest on the cord. Another wonderful addition, especially in light of the widespread use of carpet in living rooms. There is an Ethernet port on the bottom as well, but you probably won’t need it.

The Sub Mini has just one button. You won’t be interacting with it, therefore that is why. You will communicate with the soundbar that is linked to it. Regardless of whether it’s a Sonos Beam (1 or 2), Arc, or Ray. which feature buttons for the microphone, play/pause, and volume on them. There is no button because the Sonos Ray lacks a microphone.

HOW WELL PERFORMS IT? How well does it perform, then, is the big $429 (plus tax) question? Does it merit purchase? Since I’ve been using Sonos soundbars for a while, I didn’t anticipate noticing a significant change. However, I actually felt much punchier bass when watching a movie after putting up the Sonos Sub Mini. And all of this was before turning up the Sub’s bass. which you can increase by 15 points.

Advertisement Although the Sub Mini allows you to increase the bass further, doing so is not really advised. My living room floor started shaking right at 8. The experience was nice, however there was a little too much bass. Therefore, I typically maintain it at 3. A little more bass would be nice so you could truly feel it, but not too much that the soundbar would be overwhelmed. It’s great that Sonos gives you the option to regulate the Sub Mini’s bass separately from the soundbar (in my case, the Beam 2).

The bass is amazing here. Additionally, as it is wireless, you may put it wherever you like. It enables the soundbar to concentrate more on the mids and highs, making them crystal clear, by using a Sub like the Sub Mini. The Sub Mini takes care of the bass.

It may sound strange, but watching college football while the Sub Mini is on is a very different experience. Watching an action movie with lots of explosives is even more awesome. You’ll truly come to appreciate the Sub Mini if you see anything like The Fast and the Furious or even Top Gun: Maverick.


DO YOU NEED TO PURCHASE A SONOS SUB MINI? The Sub Mini is a terrific buy if you already own a Sonos soundbar. Given its $699 price tag, the Sonos Sub was a challenging recommendation. That is more than many modern Dolby Atmos soundbars offer. However, the Sub Mini is still pricey at $429, making it much easier to swallow. However, purchasing the Sonos Beam 2 and Sub Mini separately will run you close to $900. But that was a good $900 spent.

Because Sonos speakers are such high-quality speakers, they are not inexpensive. Not only because these speakers have excellent build quality, but also because they include multi-room sound characteristics. And they are compatible with almost all streaming music services. They remain the only ones that let you select Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with a single button press.

Advertisement So, sure, purchasing the Sub Mini is definitely worthwhile if you already have a Sonos speaker and/or soundbar in your home. You won’t be sorry you bought it.


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