A firm called Edifier is renowned for its high-quality audio gear, and it just recently unveiled the MP230 Bluetooth speaker. This portable speaker claims to deliver strong sound without taking up a lot of room. Let’s find out if the Edifier MP230 can deliver the goods now that Android Headlines has the chance to review it.

DESIGN The design of this speaker is among its best features. The design of this speaker is very stunning. It is intended to imitate the vintage radios from the 1950s and 1960s. The general boxy design, cloth speaker grille, traditional-style buttons, and wood design—despite being manufactured of plastic—make it look good.

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Advertisement This is a bit of ornamentation as well as a speaker. It will enhance the decor if you place it on a table or nightstand. This speaker would be ideal for you if you enjoy vintage-style furnishings.

IMPROVE QUALITY You can tell that the MP230 was constructed with quality in mind as soon as you pick it up. The casing has a lot of weight despite being made of plastic. Nothing about the gadget has a cheap or fragile feel to it.

FUNCTIONALITY The Edifier MP230 includes a number of options to listen to and manage your music in terms of functionality. This is a Bluetooth speaker first and foremost, and it can connect to one device at a time via Bluetooth 5. In addition, it contains a connector for an auxiliary cord so that you may connect it right to the music player.

Advertisement There is also a slot for a microSD card, which will please you if you have your audio on an external storage device. When you don’t have access to your primary music player, it is fantastic.

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Edifier MP230 3


On the front, we can see the standard Bluetooth speaker controls. There are buttons for power, sync, play/pause, and volume. Press and hold the volume buttons for about a second if you wish to skip or resume a track.

Advertisement I didn’t experience any hardware or audio problems while using the speaker. There were no issues maintaining or establishing connections to any devices.

Simply press and hold down the sync button on a device for about a second to sync it, and it will then go into pairing mode. Overall, the capability of this Bluetooth speaker is comparable to other top models on the market.

AUDIO QUALITY The Edifier MP230 has outstanding sound quality. To begin with, it sounds quite strong for its small. The speaker is fairly small on its own. Compared to the Edifier MS50A, it is much smaller (which Android Headlines reviewed as well). It’s unquestionably something you’d place on a little table or a bookshelf.

Advertisement The speaker generates a powerful, rich sound despite its small size. Whatever you’re listening to will have enough punch to give it bite. Additionally, it has a balanced tone. The bass produced by this speaker is pleasant, but it isn’t overpowering like it is with the majority of other Bluetooth speakers available today.

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Due to excessive bass, the sound doesn’t muddle up at the lower end and stays clear. The singing, percussion, and higher-pitched instruments are audible. With this speaker, you may listen to any kind of music, and it will sound wonderful.

Advertisement The volume was the only issue I had with the speakers’ quality. The distance between the volume levels is another factor. The gaps between levels are quite wide when the volume is turned up or down. Due to this, it may be challenging to find the right loudness at the time.

CHARGING AND BATTERY I had a considerable amount of time to listen to music on this speaker before I had to go get the charger. Before it gave out on me, I was able to listen to music for roughly eight to nine hours.

Depending on how much time you spend actually listening to music, your results may differ. You’ll have more time if you leave the speaker unattended and the music muted. Also, if left idle for too long, the speaker will turn itself off. It only takes a few hours to fully charge this speaker if you need to.

Advertisement DO YOU NEED TO BUY AN EDIFIER MP230? For those who genuinely appreciate high-quality audio equipment, Edifier is a brand. The Edifier MP230 is evidence that its goods are on the higher end of the spectrum. The intimidating $149.99 price tag on this smartphone is justified.

Almost every component of this item is of a high caliber, including the sound and the construction. It’s not your typical Bluetooth speaker from a discount retailer. It is intended for those who desire a stylish addition to their audio setup. If you want a speaker with amazing design and high-quality sound, I strongly suggest purchasing this one.

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Edifier MP230 6


Advertisement WANT TO PORTABLE EDIFIER? Android news also examined Edifier’s NeoBuds S TWS earbuds if you’re interested in learning more about what the firm has to offer. These are high-end earbuds with good audio quality and a fully developed companion app.

Amazing noise cancellation, ambient mode, excellent battery life, and numerous sound customization options are all features of the NeoBuds S. Even an adjustable equalization is included. Additionally, you have the option of adjusting the touch controllers’ sensitivity.

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NeoBuds S AH 3

” />
You should include these in your audio configuration. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read our complete review of these earphones here.


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