While 1More has been producing earphones for some time, the business ought to be more well-known. The 1More ComfoBuds Mini, which go on sale today, are the smallest and most comfy earbuds I’ve used in a while. Despite their little size, the sound quality is unaffected by them.

ADVANCED MINI When I took these out of the box, the size was the first thing I noticed because how could you not? The 1More ComfoBuds Mini weighs only 3.7 grams in total, which is quite little. The ColorBuds 2 from 1More seemed tiny in comparison; you couldn’t get any smaller without the earbuds coming out. I was mistaken. Nearly a quarter of the size, the ComfoBuds Mini are the perfect fit.

After a time of listening, these earbuds almost seem to vanish due to their light weight. Since they are essentially weightless, they can stay in place without additional silicone fittings. Despite this, they continue to feel at ease after spending some time listening.

SMALL BUDS IN A SMALL CASE The benefit of a little earbud is that it allows for a smaller casing. This combined with some excellent engineering results in the ComfoBuds instance. The case has an oval form and a maximum thickness of one inch. Although that may seem excessive, I am not aware of many other examples that arrive that thin. Interestingly, the back of the case has a slight concavity that, when nested in your front pocket, rests extremely comfortably against your thigh. The case actually has a lot in common with the Pixel Buds case.

Getting the orientation of the ComfoBuds into the case correct requires some practice. Due to their diminutive size, the ComfoBuds lack many distinguishing elements that would allow for proper alignment within the case. There is no stem to aid in perfect alignment, which in my opinion is not at all a bad thing.

You can choose between Qi wireless charging or USB Type-C for the charging condition. Both options function flawlessly, however since the case supports fast charging, you’ll benefit more quickly with USB Type-C. You can obtain roughly 80 more minutes of listening time with an additional 10 minutes of USB Type-C charging time, which is not bad at all. In fact, as the ComfoBuds were about to run out of juice, I put them after their case and, in what felt like only a few minutes, they were back to 100%.

I should also mention that the battery life on these earbuds is excellent. They have a 20-hour case life and a five to six-hour charge life. That’s more than enough for me, and after listening to them for approximately 30 minutes, I put them back in the case, ensuring that they never actually expire. I don’t believe I’ve charged the case more than twice after having them for nearly a month.

THESE ACTUALLY SOUND GOOD. I admit that I’m a little difficult to persuade when it comes to audio quality. The majority of what the market has to offer neither wows me nor makes me want to listen to it. Regarding the 1More ComfoBuds Mini, I believe they are a good fit. Not that the sound quality is top notch, but considering how tiny they are, they shouldn’t sound as nice as they do.

The audio produced by the 7mm drivers is decent even without changing the sound graph. Naturally, you may change the sound with the 1More app by answering a few questions about SoundID. Sincerity be damned, I liked the stock sound these little drivers generated better than my SoundID output.

As opposed to many other earbuds, these have strong bass where it belongs and don’t overpower the mids or highs. The mids do a nice job of replicating, but they can be a little murky at times. When it comes to the highs, they are sharp and precise. In actuality, a lot of information gets through. This is significantly influenced by the AAC codec that 1More utilizes in these earbuds.

I did discover that the sound profile varied slightly based on which of the ComfoBuds’ three modes—ANC, transparent, and idle—was selected. It wasn’t a big deal because that was something to be expected.

CONTROLS BY TOUCH AND LISTENING MODES There is a glaring issue with many headphones. Touchscreen controls Although touch controls are fantastic from a technological standpoint, how they are used has a significant impact on the user experience. The majority of earbuds use the “touch to pause” method, which pauses the audio each time you want to fine-tune your fit. The Sony LinkBuds successfully get around this problem by using touch controls on your own skin. The 1More ComfoBuds Mini don’t go quite that far, but they do adopt a more sensible strategy.

With the double-tap to pause feature of the ComfoBuds Mini, you may modify your fit without disturbing the sound. Although it takes some getting accustomed to, it improves performance and has no negative effects on your overall experience. Smart playback is another feature of the ComfoBuds Mini, which automatically pauses music when you remove them out of your ears. If you’d like, you can disable or modify this functionality.

The ComofBuds Mini have ANC and transparency mode, among other listening modes. While this is conventional, what isn’t typical is an ANC strength that can be changed based on your circumstances. You may change the amount of active noise cancellation (ANC) in these earbuds. For instance, you can set your ComfoBuds to mild ANC intensity if you’re sitting in an office with lots of clicking keyboards. Walking down the street while loud vehicles pass by? Make it strong. What if that roadway is hit by a tornado? A WNR (wind noise resistant) mode on the ComfoBuds isolates only wind noise.

THE BEST MINI BUDS AVAILABLE The ComfoBuds Mini have been wonderful all around. They are so small that you hardly even realize them in your ears, and carrying them around is not a hassle. It is significantly simpler to carry these about because of the way the case is built. Although you may expect the size to have a significant impact on sound quality, the difference is actually not that audible. The ComfoBuds Mini earbuds have perfectly adequate sound quality, and I’ll continue to use them long after this review is through. The absence of Google Fast Pair for Android devices was the only drawback I could actually identify.

You’d think the price would be a little difficult to bear considering all the functions that are crammed into these tiny buds. This is untrue because the 1More ComfoBuds Mini costs $99 instead. Get them from this location:

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