There aren’t many legal ways to watch your team’s games on Sunday afternoons, which is one of the more unpleasant realities of not living in the broadcast market for your favorite NFL club. The only video streaming service we tested that allows you to view live, out-of-market regular-season games is NFL Sunday Ticket. Although DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is primarily a cable package, some audiences (we’ll specify which ones) can get this program without cable. We enjoyed the playback interfaces and dependable streaming performance of this non-cable version during our testing. Given that you cannot watch live games on Thursday nights, regional Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, or Monday nights, this service is incredibly pricey.

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Additionally, Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night games are not available to NFL Sunday Ticket customers. Additionally, certain international games aren’t included in the broadcast. That implies that, depending on the week and your location, you can watch a maximum of 12 or 13 games live on Sundays. You need to combine NFL Sunday Ticket with another subscription in order to watch every game every week (including playoff games).

You can watch 30-minute, ad-free replays of games (only those that are included in NFL Sunday Ticket) beginning after midnight ET on Sunday until midnight ET on Wednesday. A comparable condensed game replay format is available from NFL.


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On NFL Sunday Ticket, there is no additional on-demand entertainment. NFL Sunday Ticket has a clear disadvantage over the majority of other live TV packages in that they do not exclusively concentrate on NFL coverage. The majority provide numerous on-demand video libraries as well as additional news, sports, and entertainment channels.

What differences exist between NFL Sunday Tickets and other NFL streaming services? First and foremost, NFL Sunday Ticket is the only authorized means to watch Sunday afternoon NFL games live outside of your local market. Other services don’t provide that access.

However, other options are a better choice if you care more about prime-time games (Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, or Monday Night Football) or you live in your favorite team’s broadcast market. For instance, you can watch every prime-time and in-market game (those that air on CBS and FOX) each week on FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV. These services allow you to watch postseason games and typically cover seven games per week.

Similar access to live games is provided by DirecTV Stream, except it is missing the NFL Network channel. Additionally, since Thursday Night Football games are now only available on Amazon Prime Video, you’ll miss out on those games. In many markets, Sling TV offers FOX and NBC affiliates, but no CBS channels at all (although you can go through the trouble of configuring a digital antenna to work with that service). It does, however, come with ESPN, so you can watch Monday Night Football. Local channel viewing used to be affordable through Locast, however that service has since been discontinued.

No matter where you are, NFL is a stand-alone service that enables you to view replays of every game each week. It is the only legal way to guarantee that you can watch every regular-season and postseason NFL game, even if not all of them live, and it includes games from several years ago. Its many tiers take the place of not only the free NFL and Yahoo Sports apps, but also NFL Game Pass.

Despite focusing heavily on on-demand programming, Paramount, Peacock, and Prime Video only offer sporadic NFL coverage. For instance, Paramount Premium users have access to live feeds of Sunday afternoon NFL games that air on local CBS stations. Those who pay for Peacock’s Premium tier have access to Sunday Night Football streaming. This season, Thursday Night Football games can only be found on Prime Video.

That’s all quite complicated and expensive, if that makes sense. The NFL makes it pointlessly expensive and difficult for you to see your preferred team.

Choosing the greatest selection from our list of the top sports streaming services can assist you if you intend to watch any other sports. Additionally, we’ve compiled lists specifically for the top NHL, NBA, and MLB streaming services.

WHAT IS THE PRICE OF AN NFL SUNDAY TICKET? NFL Sunday Ticket To Go and NFL Sunday Ticket Max are the two plans available. At the start of the current season, the To Go package is $293.94, while the Max Plan is $395.99. A NFL Sunday Ticket membership is valid through the conclusion of the regular season. Your bill is divided into monthly installments of $73.49 (for the To Go plan) or $99 (for the service) (Max plan). NFL Sunday Ticket online subscribers may cancel their membership up until the first Sunday of the regular season; after that, they are locked into the entire pricing period. You might be able to pay less than that complete sum if you subscribe later in the season. The opposite is also accurate. You must pay for the entire four months of the regular season if you subscribe before the season starts. The unpleasant default setting for subscription auto-renewal must be manually disabled in the settings menu.

On Sundays, the same schedule of live, off-market games is available to you with both programs. The functionality and playback options are the same as well. The Max Plan adds DirecTV Fantasy Zone and NFL RedZone Channel, setting it apart from the other two options. Fantasy football enthusiasts should find those channels to be most appealing.

In contrast, the monthly starting prices for fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV are all $64.99. By purchasing an additional Sports Plus with NFL RedZone (fuboTV), Sports (Hulu Live TV), or Sports Plus (YouTube TV) add-on, you can access the NFL RedZone channel on any of those services. The cost of Hulu’s add-on is $9.99 per month, while the cost of the other two is $10.99. These three services are all considerably less expensive than NFL Sunday Ticket, even with those add-ons.

The cheapest live TV provider we’ve tested with sports content is Sling TV’s combination Orange Blue plan ($50 per month), while DirecTV Stream starts at $69.99 per month. NFL has a $49.99 monthly minimum. Both Prime Video and Paramount Premium, which both include sporadic NFL programming, cost $8.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively. Monthly fees for Peacock Premium are $4.99.


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Video Streaming Services WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR NFL SUNDAY TICKET? NFL Sunday Ticket’s non-cable edition is not accessible to everyone. If you read the fine print at the bottom of the sign-up page, the service describes eligible users as those who reside in specific multi-dwelling unit buildings (apartments, condos, etc.) located throughout the United States where DirecTV service is not offered, live in specific neighborhoods within different metropolitan areas, or reside in a home that has been verified as being incapable of receiving DirecTV satellite TV service due to obstructions blocking access to satellite signals, either currently or in the past.

At the conclusion of the 2022 season, DirecTV’s rights to the Sunday Ticket package are scheduled to expire. According to reports, Apple, Amazon, Disney, and Google would all like to purchase the rights to these games. We can only hope that those businesses eliminate this absurd cable requirement. However, no business will be able to charge considerably less than the existing high price due to contractual responsibilities.

On mobile platforms (Android, Fire OS, iOS), media streaming devices (Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku), up to the most recent generation of game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox), and some smart TVs, you can download the NFL Sunday Ticket app. A web browser can also be used to stream video games. Unfortunately, US subscribers are the only ones who can get NFL Sunday Ticket.

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2 (Credit: PCMag) Mobile NFL Sunday Ticket On an Android phone, we used the NFL Sunday Ticket app, and we had no trouble signing into the account. The application is fairly easy to use. You can enable push notifications for when pregames, Short Cuts, or your favorite teams are available to watch under the settings, as well as turn off cellular data usage. The testing of the software went smoothly.

The Games, Highlights, Stat | Standing, Fantasy, and My Player icons at the bottom of the screen are how you navigate the software. When games are available for viewing, tapping on the box score in the Games section will take you directly to playback. You may view the Fantasy Zone and RedZone feeds from here as well. When available, the Short Cuts for games are arranged in the Highlights section. You may view game, team, and player statistics from the upcoming games as well as the current conference standings in the Stat | Standing area.

The fantasy football players are the focus of the final two parts. In the Fantasy part, you can login in directly to your NFL Fantasy account, or in the MyPlayer section, you can keep tabs on specific players.

fuboTV will stream some NFL games this season in 4K (Opens in a new window) , Hulu Live TV, Paramount, and YouTube TV.

COMPLETENESS AND OTHER FEATURES NFL All of the live material on Sunday Ticket comes with closed captions. From the playing screen, you can alter the language, pick a predefined style, or make your own custom template. No live TV provider offers audio descriptions (Opens in a new window) , or audible narrations of on-screen actions that are otherwise indiscernible from speech alone, as a feature for accessibility. Only on-demand movies and television series on Apple TV, Disney, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video have support for this function, in my experience.

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