Have you ever unintentionally brushed away a notice card? You probably are, in a variety of situations. If that irritated you, don’t worry; the app essentially enables you to resuscitate such notifications.

DIFFERENT FUNCTIONALITY THAN ANDROID’S NOTIFICATION HISTORY FEATURE IS PROVIDED BY THE UNDO NOTIFICATION APP Before we continue, let’s clarify that while Android does have a notification history option that you can enable, this app functions somewhat differently. While Android’s History feature lets you view previous notifications, this software can truly bring them back to life.

Imagine if you unintentionally swipe something away. Simply tap the Undo button after opening the Undo Notification app. The Undo All button is also present, making those the only available actions.

Advertisement The finest among all? This application will restore your notification to its original state, complete with all of the quick actions. It will appear as though you never took it out. Should you decide to add that shortcut there, of course, there is also a quick action you can utilize in your phone’s quick toggles.

The functionality of this program is essentially limited to that. It only does one thing, but it does it pretty well, and it gives you a number of options for triggering the undo action.

WHILE NOT FREE, THE APP IS VERY CHEAP. But keep in mind that this program is not free. You’ll need to fork out $1.99 to get the Undo Notification app. That’s not too bad, of course, if dismissing notifications often sets you off.

Advertisement After making this one payment, you are all set. Ads or other such issues won’t affect you. You can see how this app is designed as well as how the quick toggle works. Below the article are both pictures.

Simply press the link or button below to be taken to the Play Store listing if you want to try out the Undo Notifications app.

Undo Notification app image 1
Undo Notification app image 2

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