You want to share that one Instagram Reel with your followers because it has really made your day. You may only do that, though, if you download it and put it as a post to your profile. TechCrunch claims that Instagram is developing a repost option for Instagram Reels.

On websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit, users can repost information created by others. Instagram, however, has been overlooked. But occasionally, you come across a post that you want to share with others.

Instagram reels have their own tab on your profile when you repost them. Don’t anticipate a launch anytime soon because Instagram is still testing this functionality in its early phases. Social media expert Matt Navarra first identified this impending function (via TechCrunch ). He noticed a tab for Adam Mosseris, the CEO of Instagram. Think of the RT icon when you see this rotating arrows symbol.

Advertisement So, all of a person’s reposted reels will be stored in this page. A leaked screenshot of the features splash screen is included with the screenshot of Mosseri’s profile. It states that only a few people will be able to see the function because it is presently being tested.

The splash screen provides a brief explanation of how the feature operates. When you repost a post, it will appear on your profile for everyone to see and comment on.

The best part of this tool is that whenever you repost, the Reel’s original creator is immediately given credit. On the platform, far too many accounts repost other creators’ work without providing proper acknowledgment.

Advertisement We are unsure of the test’s reach. If you’re a participant in the Instagram beta program, you might want to keep an eye out for any app upgrades. Make sure you always have the most recent version for the app just to be safe.


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