Hello, Moon Lovers! One of the well-known SBS Korean dramas is called Scarlet Heart Ryeo. This is based on Tong Hua’s Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin. Jo Yoon-young wrote the miniseries’ script, while Kim Kya-tae is in charge of its direction. It was published on August 29 and broadcast till November 1, 2016.

Two accolades were dragged into Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s account. The series won prizes for Best Ensemble and Best Historical Drama. The drama belongs to the historical romance subgenre, which distinguishes it from other historical romance dramas from Korea.

Typically, a love drama would have a happy conclusion. That’s not the case, though, because Scarlet Heart Ryeo is renowned for having a convoluted and enigmatic ending.

SCARLET HEART RYEO, an anime with a plot resembling Sasaki and Miyano Activate JavaScript, please

The protagonist of Anime Like Sasaki and Miyano Scarlet Heart Ryeo, a narrative about time travel in the twenty-first century, is a woman. The woman who travels back to the Goryeo Era and passes out is named Go Ha-Jin. She discovers when she awakens that she is inhabiting the body of 16-year-old Hae Soo. Hae Soo is the cousin of prince Wang Wook’s wife, the eighth prince of the Goryeo dynasty.

Everything is joyful and happy. She comes to terms with her new reality as the story progresses. And later, once certain events happen. She develops feelings for the charming prince Wang Wook, who is kind and polite. However, a pet is not a companion for life. Ruler Wang So, the fourth king of the Goryeo empire, and Hae Soo fall in love.

While King Wang Wook was renowned for his benevolence, the two monarchs are very different from one another. King So had a reputation for being ruthless.

CHANGES STARTED TO OCCUR. Hae Soo’s life becomes horrible as she is used by the royals to claim the throne. She nearly kills herself. Hae Soo, who is in love with King Wang So, now desires to leave the palace. She had to get married to king Wang Jeong in order to gain access to the court. Wang So dispatches a snitch, who learns that Hae Soo and King Wang Jeong are both content with their lives. He is unaware that Hae Soo is expecting a child. She is weakening daily as a result of her relationship with his child.

Hae Soo requests Wang Jeong to write Wang So a letter in her final moments. She also asks him for a promise so that she can tell him how she feels. that she would eventually pass away and that her child would never visit Wang Sos Palace.

When the king Wang So learns that Hae Soo, his beloved, has died. He reads every letter she ever sent him, proving conclusively that she never betrayed him. She merely wished to provide her child with a tranquil life. She returns to her original timeline as Go Ha-jin after dying in the Goryeo era. She completely forgets about the Goryeo era when Go Ha-jin comes back. But as time goes on, she gradually remembers everything and sobs over having to leave Wang So, the king she loves so much.

Before Go Ha-historical jin’s time trip. King Wang So was renowned for his savagery and cruelty. When she eventually returns from her time journey, she discovers that king Wang So’s history has been improved.

The continuation ends here. Hey, I realize that this is a sad conclusion to a love story. However, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is renowned for precisely that.

SEASON 2 IS SET TO RELEASE; WILL IT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING? Scarlet Heart Ryeo has a massive fan following, and those fans are eagerly awaiting word from SBS networks about the second sequel. Some devoted viewers even petitioned SBS to renew the program.

Fans of Scarlet Heart Ryeo have even asked SBS to keep the main cast for the sequel.

Screencast With co-star Li Ji-Eun, Lee Joon Gi provided some spoilers for season 2 of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. In this imaginary romantic drama, these two actors play the primary leads.

The release of season 2 was anticipated. However, the poor television rating in Korea is the single factor that prevented its release. Even the cast and crew didn’t appear to be optimistic about the second sequel, which ultimately resulted in its cancellation.

Overall, this show won’t have a joyful finish, and fans will have to accept a disappointing conclusion. We will keep you informed if there appear to be any chances for its release, nevertheless.

SCARLET HEART RYEO, CAST The show’s lead character is her. Go Ha-jin, who goes back in time, is portrayed by Li Ji-Eun. She also performs the part of Hae Soo, a 16-year-old girl. Go Ha-jin awakens in the body of Hae Soo as she travels back in time to the Goryeo era. She comes to terms with her new situation and discovers genuine love with the ruthless ruler Wang So.

Hae Soo had fallen in love with this brutal ruler. The Goryeo Empire’s fourth ruler is Lee Joon Gi. He was known as Wang So (Emperor Gwangjong), and because he wears a mask to conceal his face, he goes by the nickname Wolf Dog. This character is a reclusive man who is notorious for his harshness.

He portrays Prince Wang Wook, the eighth prince of the Goryeo Empire, a character who differs from King Wang So in personality and demeanor. He has a kind heart and is gentle. Although it was a political union, his marriage to Lady Hae was not the result of pure love.

Wang Yo, who plays the third prince, has an excessive desire for power. He is incredibly ambitious and never passes up an opportunity to get what he wants, despite having a brilliant mind.

SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any English dubbing for this series. If you wish to see this program, visit Vimeo to do it with English subtitles.

TRAILER If you enjoyed the plot, you might view the trailer by clicking here.


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